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Upgrading to Blackboard 9.1 - a University’s Journey

No description

Megan Juss

on 7 August 2012

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Transcript of Upgrading to Blackboard 9.1 - a University’s Journey

Interviews June '09 Stakeholder engagement activities ------------------------------------------------------------------------> 2011 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Student survey .. systems evaluation .. Course development Systems integration Spring term Resources Branding Training Sessions Jan '09 Workshops Team Wiki Spring term July '10 June '11 .. needs assessment .. Support Blackboard Tools and Resources June '11 Phase 2 -- VLE Investigation & Analysis --> Faculty of Education - UGFD migration training complete Blackboard Consulting, IT Services, Faculties, Academic Registry, LTD LearningEdge Summer term FACULTIES Autumn term Collaborative working June '10 Desk study www.learningedge.edgehill.ac.uk Dec '09 Pilots -------------------------- > LTD Autumn term System setup Student support Staff development ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------> Phase 3 ----------------------- Plan & Implement Recomendation ----------------------------> Continuing staff development .. full launch .. Blackboard
selected Phase 4 -------- Switch Over to New VLE -----> Workshops Awareness Sessions Staff survey Management structure set up Summer term Summer term Faculty of Health - CPD Upgrade Center, Upgrade Cohort Program, On-Demand Learning Centre <------ VLE Review ------> HEI presentations 2010 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec .. live courses .. Spring term Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Business School: Computing Autumn term <---------- Implementation ----------> <-- Moodle vs Bb --> Hosting
Internal v External Wimba Turnitin Ormskirk 24,000 students Faculty of Education Faculty of Health Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Largest ITT (Secondary)
- Largest FD
- Largest share of CPD
- ‘Outstanding’ – Ofsted 2007/8 - 8 Departments - Nursing
- Midwifery
- 4000 students trained every year 4,000 staff Business School
English and History
Law and Criminology
Natural, Geographical and Apllied Sciences
Performing Arts
Social and Psychological Sciences
Sport and Physical Activity drivers for change.. Future of the VLE Options Snapshot Granularity Section Merge Tool Phase 1 - Stakeholder Engagement & Benchmarking -> 2011 2009 £100 million 125 years .. preparation .. Benchmarking BB9 - Northampton, Moodle - Coventry Blog Constitution:
Dean of TLD (Chair)
Dean of Learning Services
Faculty ADs L and T
Faculty Senior SOLSTICE Fellows
E Learning Strategy and Development Manager
Attendance when required or requested by the following: Director of IT Services, LTD Manager, Academic Registry
Others defined as necessary by the Chair Constitution:
AD L and T (Chair)
Faculty champions
Faculty Senior SOLSTICE Fellow
E Learning Strategy and Development Manager
IT Services and Academic Registry representatives
LTD Officer/s allocated to the faculty
Others defined as necessary by the AD Institution Steering Groups Faculty Building Blocks + eShare Student Records System Quercus Plus Snapshot Controller Learn 9.1 Staff Accounts LDAP Status Quo
1-1 HEI Visits
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