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Video Communication from One Generation to the Next

KPCN: The Peer Connection Network, an award-winning, student-lead, video organization, creates academic videos with administrative intentions from the student's perspective.

Charlotte Dugoni

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Video Communication from One Generation to the Next

The Peer Connection Network "Video Communication from
One Generation to the Next" Erin Helmholz / / Kelley Hirning / / Hannah Kochel
Charlotte Dugoni
Michael Kornfield High-quality videos
Engaging and effective Goals Financial Literacy Pre-Production
Concept meeting
Script writing
Set location, grips, and actors
Editing Support  
More engaging What works? Importance of communication style  Peer-to-Peer Communication Voice of authority
Intimidation What doesn't Work? Administrator produced Before KPCN 2010 KPCN first semester (2011) Care and Feeding New Style of Videos Tailored to the students with student actors
Visual Effects
More engaging and personal Innovations at a rapid rate
Create alternative forms of communication
Paper is old news
Syllabus and Class Notes Uploaded to E Learning Modules
Smart phones
Increase accessibility
Endless capabilities Advances in Technology Email
Push new videos through UM emails
Social Media
Personal Channel
Custom Playlists
Analytics Adapting to the Culture Around Us Tech is constantly evolving
Increasing rate
Different forms of media to learn from
Movies, commercials, sports highlights and TV
Important to have student produced videos
Communication is up to par with culture
Reaching students in relevant ways
The ways they communicate among themselves Convocation Not only are our videos helping current students at UM but we also help the incoming and prospective students
Incoming by making videos to help with orientation
Prospective- by making convocation video Keeping Up With The Changes Convocation Video
Made cultural and technological changes
Adventure Section
Action Sports over Traditional Sports
We utilized the GoPro with Montana's recreational activities
Instant positive reaction
Realization of the possibilities
Prime example of KPCN making cultural and technological changes Goal Provide students with video communication of an important academic message through a medium they like, they relate to, and they are intrigued by
We reach this goal by:
Dynamic group of students
Form new and fresh ideas
Continuous flow of new students
Able to keep up with the change in technology, culture and media
Videos with an contemporary look and feel but centered around an important academic message Take Aways How can any institution do this?
Don't need best:
Take a concept make it intriguing
Embrace the peer perspective
Communicate the message in a medium that students like (video, graphics, animation)
Student’s will absorb and connect with information more than in writing
KPCN Facts KPCN started in 2010
5 Students
5 interns
20 peers
Over 50 videos and still we're still going strong KPCN Technological Uses Socialnomics Video
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