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Paco Rabanne

No description

Emilee Dalenburg

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Paco Rabanne

Fashion of the 60s Mary Quant - Mini Skirt and Hot pants Fashion His career in fashion truly began in the 60s
Designed and manufactured jewelry, purses and other accessories for Balenciaga, Dior and YSL
Inspired by "optical art" and "cinetic art" to create a Haute Couture collection
created 12 contemporary pieces made from metal and plastic
"The Unwearables" Plastic dress, sunglasses and Jewelry all in primary colors
Was in high demand for theatrical and cinema costume
He retired in 1999 Before the fame and fortune... Born and Raised in Saint Sebastian, Spain
His mother was head seamstress at Balenciaga
In 1936, Paco and his mother relocated to Paris, France as a result of the Spanish Civil War
Got a degree in Architecture at Ecole de Beaux
Noticed through connections from his mother, and began to make jewelry for Balenciaga, Dior, and Givenchy Fashion of the 60s Twiggy Revolutionary Breakthrough Paco Rabanne 1965 - First Couture line Contributions to Fashion He was the first to use black models Presentation By: Emilee Dalenburg Paco Rabanne *Interesting Fact*

Paco has always been fascinated with paranormal phenomena and has been known for his paranoid prediction of the Russian space station falling since 1999. “I wanted to make a concrete impression; the idea of a woman that is free, moody, never the object, one that has a complete control of her finances and knows how it is to be independent.” 1934 - Present Lady Gaga has worn several outfits by Rabanne designs Jerry Hall other 60s trends... Theatrical Contributions - Costume Designer Barbarella Two or Three Things I Know About Her Two for the Road Today... Spring RTW 2012 Fall RTW 2012 Spring RTW 2013 House of Rabanne "unwearables", plastic jewelry, and sun goggles Pioneered fake suede
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