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Virtual Child Scrapbook

No description

Charbil J

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Virtual Child Scrapbook

Charbil Joseph Virtual Child It's a Girl ! 12 - 15 Months MARIYA At twelve months old, Mariya now clearly understands a couple of dozen words. In fact, Mariya just recently pronounced her first clear word and pointed at the object in question. 0 - 3 Months Mariya was able to focus her eyes
on me. She spends a lot of
time studying my face
and the faces of anyone
who comes close to her. After about eight hours of labor, Mariya began to go into distress. The doctors said the baby was not in the correct position. They did a C-section, and ten minutes later I was looking at my new baby. After Mariya was born, I felt the biggest surge of emotion that I ever had. When I held Mariya in the delivery room I was amazed that me and my partner had brought this new being into existence. 3 - 8 Months . Mariya is able to find a hidden object,
as long as I don't wait too long or distract
her in the middle of the search. Mariya
really likes this hiding game and shows
by her interest that she wants it repeated.
However, if I hide the object in the
same place repeatedly, and then change
the hiding place, Mariya has a strong
tendency to look in the old hiding place,
and then get confused about where
the object is, or forget about it. 8 - 12 Months Based on a report
from a pediatrician
Mariya is physically
healthy. The doctor
recommends a greater variety of baby food and ground up fruits
and vegetables. Mariya is cautious around new people and situations, but warms up fairly quickly to friendly people and to new and interesting activities and then begins to vocalize a lot and make eye contact. Mariya has typical emotional reactions for her age, such as
fear of total strangers, separation anxiety and a quick,
loud cry when upset or in pain. Mariya is advanced in her gross and fine motor skills and enjoys crawling, pulling up to stand and manipulating objects. Mariya seems to be as comfortable with Melody as an attachment figure and as the new babysitter. You are pleased to have a built-in babysitter. Melody is willing to do light housework for the opportunity to live with you while she goes to school. 15 - 18 Months Mariya just turned 15 months
of age, and I noticed she often
studies things in her
environment and performs
simple little "experiments"
with them, almost like a
little scientist. For example, she pushes her bath toys under water at various depths and delightedly watches how high they pop back above the surface. Mariya is sometimes interested in dancing or singing along with music
and sometimes doesn't seem to notice or care. I teach her some simple
preschool songs and try to encourage her to respond to music. Mariya has shown some interesting new behavior. She acts shy when looking in the mirror, uses the word "me" a lot, and wants to do things herself. I think the new behavior is a sign of self awareness, and I have to decide what the balance will be between allowing Mariya to be independent and teaching her to follow my rules. 18 - 21 Months Mariya is in a group day-care setting now. She settled in nicely, but in
the past couple of weeks she has been hesitant to part with either me
or my partner at daycare. She greets her main caregiver enthusiastically,
but when I try to leave, Mariya wants to leave with me. The caregiver
keeps assuring me that Mariya calms down after I leave. Mariya is 19 months old now. Just to find out how Mariya's development compares to other children of her age at this point, I had an assessment done by a early childhood specialist. The specialist thought
that Mariya was securely
attached, but that the communication system
between parent and child
could be improved.
She recommended that both parents try to read Mariya's reactions more carefully and work on interpersonal communication. The specialist also thought that
Mariya was slow to warm up to
new situations with adults, but
that if you gave her time, she
usually came around. Mariya was generally in a positive mood during the play sessions, but occasionally could be irritable or impatient when things did not go her way. Mariya was advanced in her gross motor skills. The examiner recommended that you expose Mariya to a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and let her interests be the guide as to what to pursue.
The examiner commented that Mariya had some difficulty concentrating for more than a few minutes on any one activity.
She noted that it could be the newness of the situation that prompted this, and that 18-month olds shouldn't be expected to stay focused more than 10-15 minutes on any one activity. 21 Months - 2 Years Mariya is toilet
trained now, and
rarely has any
accidents. She is communicating
better, but has
other people's perspectives. Mariya knows
her gender now, and has begun to categorize behavior and objects as suited to boys or girls. She prefers playing with girls, but gets along pretty well with boys. I figured she is ready
for a more structured preschool
experience. 2 - 3 Years Old My family has grown with the addition of a baby girl!. Mariya is three years old now, and has been eagerly awaiting the baby's birth. I notice as the weeks go by that Mariya likes to imitate Kanya's sounds and movements, and enjoys play-acting a baby role. Mariya holds and rocks the baby, and even feeds her with a bottle of pre-pumped breast milk or formula. Mariya is fascinated with the baby and tells everyone about her. She sometimes seems to be regressing and becoming more demanding and whiny, and less cooperative, but other times prides herself on being a competent older sibling. 3 - 5 Years Old Mariya is still having problems behaving properly
all the way through a meal at a fast food restaurant. She sometimes climbs under the table, or starts complaining loudly that she wants to leave. Mariya will turn 5 this summer and will be a bit on the young side in the fall when she starts kindergarten. The school where Mariya will attend kindergarten has started a kindergarten prep session over the summer that lasts for a couple of weeks and involves group as well as individual work on letters, numbers, etc. I enrolled Mariya at the age of 4 years, for a period of 10 months 5 Years Old - 8 Years Old Mariya came down with a case of measles. She had to miss over a week of school until the blisters began to harden into scabs. I wish you had a dollar for every time you had to say, "I know it itches, but don't scratch! I'll get the lotion." One day Mariya's pet fish died and I did the whole backyard burial ceremony. A few days later Mariya asks if I will
die, and whether she will
die as well. Mariya is pretty good at learning the words of
songs in school and has
a decent voice. I asked
her if she would like
voice or piano lessons
but she is not very
enthusiastic. However,
Mariya started to learn
how to play the
electronic keyboard at
home. 8 Years Olds - 11 Years Olds Mariya's fifth grade class is just about to leave on the fifth grade science camp trip (a week spent in cabins in the mountains). The fifth grade teachers have been preparing the kids for weeks, alternating with each other in the teaching of science units on ecology, astronomy, geology, botany and zoology. The kids are also learning all of the rules of camp (they will have to keep their cabin clean, wash dishes, turn the lights out at 9, etc). This is Mariya's first extended stay away from home. Mariya is really enthusiastic about the science topics and talks a lot about them at home Over the summer, Mariya wanted to earn more money than the usual weekly allowance because she wants to save for a cool new bike. Even though it is still the middle of summer, I shop for school supplies and some cool school clothes. Mariya seems to be obsessed with looking cool when 7th grade starts in the fall. Introduction 11 Years Old - 14 Years Old Mariya began to argue with me and my partner more in 7th grade. She argues mostly about clothes, bedtime, and chores, but otherwise I get along pretty well. I renegotiate household rules more with Mariya than I used to, and make reasonable concessions, such as a later bedtime in exchange for more chores. Mariya just got back from a dentist appointment, during which her dentist suggested it might be time for braces. Mariya's 7th grade report card came early in the summer. Some highlights of the report card;
Her word reading, spelling and writing skills are strong.She got A's in 7th grade English, Social Studies, and Spanish.
She got an A in 8th grade math (she had been placed a grade above in math) and an A in 7th grade science. As a result, she will be able to take honors math in 8th grade, which is basically the first year of high school math.
Mariya is going to turn 14 in 2 months and will start high school in 3 months. 14 - 16 Years Old Mariya had a break-up with her boyfriend of three months. She has been distraught for the last two weeks. I allowed Mariya to go out with some friends to a party on a Friday night. Around midnight, she called me to come pick her up. On the way home, I smelt alcohol on Mariya's breath. The next day she had a real doozy of a headache. I praised Mariya for being responsible enough to call me instead of riding with a drunk driver or driving home herself and talked to Mariya about the dangers of underage drinking to make sure she understands what she is involved in. Mariya has been dating someone new for 2 months now. Me and my partner were worried. Mariya says that she's in love, and I was nervous that Mariya may be having sex. My partner had a talk with Mariya and tried to convince her that she should wait until they are more mature, and more sure of the relationship to engage in sex. However, just in case, my partner talked to Mariya about safe sex, condoms, and birth control. 17 - 18 Years Old Mariya received her test scores on the ACT and SAT. She scored in the top 15% on all verbal subtests and the top 5-10% on all math and science tests. I was extremely excited for Mariya and began to help her research colleges and prepare applications. High school is over, and I was pleased to learn earlier in the year that Mariya got into several colleges, including a couple of very selective institutions, primarily on the strength of her grades and scores on the SAT. She sent an acceptance letter to a very good out-of-state school a couple of months ago. She was assigned on-campus housing. It was early summer and I already started helping her get ready for the big move. Mariya has been working part-time at a local grocery store
in the senior year and does a decent job, but isn't very interested
in the work. I encouraged Mariya to reduce her hours at that job and work on finding a new part-time job that suits her interests a little more or calls on a greater variety of skills. As Mariya heads into her next set of adventures, I reflected on my relationship
with her at this point in both of our lives. I've managed to be an excellent parent in terms of both discipline and warmth. Mariya
is very close to both parents now, but of the two, she is closer
to me. She seeks out my advice on important issues or
questions that are a bit beyond her experience. Hi Mariya, This is a scrapbook i created for you so I can record experiences we have shared throughout your years from birth to 18 years old. I hope you keep this with you throughout your life and remember and relive our experiences we shared together.
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