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iscl presentation


satyajeet rathour

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of iscl presentation

CRYPTOGRAPHY What is this ?.. styles of this tech.. 1. symmetrical
2. Asymmetrical Field's of cryptography..
1-> Plain text.
2-> Cipher text.
3-> Decryption.
5->Decipher. Classical encryption Techniques. 1-> Substitution
2->Transposition 1-> substitution ex-> A-> x or * or $ or # --- any no character or symbol. 2-> Transposition. ex-> "letters are replaced" "letters or rearranged" using permutation
technique. " impugning-> mpugginng" 1->Caesar cipher(under subs tech)
"it's a simplest substitution technique and it was proposed by julius caesar, the famous emperor of Rome"
in this a character is replaced by the other character or symbol that are three place down the line. 2-> Mono-alphabetic cipher.(subs tech) "the major weakness of caesar cipher was that's predictability, once it has been predicted.. it could be easily decrypted.."

:so a better approach is to use random substitution:

-> ex:: A can be replaced by b to z any character.

Advantage-> due to high no of permutation it's not easy to cryptanalyst.. 3-> Polygram substitution cipher(subs tech) "in this a block of word can be replaced by a other block of word"
ex-> "LOVATO" "JAPSEN" 1->Rail Fense(Transposition Tech) "in this technique all msg are fill in an rectangle, and then written row by row , or col by col" ex-> COME
-> CHFOOAMMSEET "it can be easily break" "MODERN CRYPTOGRAPHY" "modern cryptography system are more advanced and based on the exhaustive search mechanism and they use complex mathematical algorithm to provide network security".
-:- the information storage,retrieval,communication and processing is done in the digital media..
2->Key exchange algorithm.
3->""Digital signature"" ""DIGITAL SIGNATURE"" "A digital signature is a type of asymmetric cryptography used to simulate the security properties of handwritten signature on paper"
<<"it is mostly used where, their is not trust between sender and receiver">>
ex-->> Bank. PROPERTIES OD D.SIGN--> 1->it must verify the author and the data at the time of the signature.
2->it must verifiable by theird party, to resolve the dispute.
3->it must authenticate the contents at the time of the signature. ::BENEFITS OF DIGITAL SIGNATURE:: 1. Authentication.
~~~DRAWBACKS OF DIGITAL ALGORITHM~~~ 1--> Non repudiation "refusal either by the sender or by the receiver like they we are not getting msg or we not send msg" 2-> Time sampling
"no record of on which time, document was signed" the internet is growing faster than any
other communication system today.
in this era most firm's use e-commerce
and e-business to link the seller and
buyer, and they provide payment
facilities online by credit card.
so it's importent to secure the networks
to the intruders. FORMS OF DAMAGE 1->Damage and distruction of computer
2->Damage the inturnal data.
3-> Damage the repudation of organization.
NETWORK ATTACKS....>> 1->Password attack
2->IP session hikacking
3->Unauthorized access.
4->DOS. etc.. SECURITY GUIDELINES 1->Keep your system updated with relevent operating system.
2->Make your staff familiar with security practices.
3->take regular backup.
-->>FIREWALLS...!! " A firewall is a simply a group
of components that collectively
form a barrier between two
network" WHAT FIREWALL SOFTWARE DOES. "it simply a program or hardware device that filter the information coming through connection into your private network"
"it not allow any kind of infected packet of info , to enter in the system" VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK "VPN IS a private network that uses a public network to connect remote sites or user togather"
benefits ::
1-> it's provide strong cryptograph both sides.
2-> it establish a private connection.
3->A vpn can extend geographical connectivity. By
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