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Global Warming

Grant Axelrod,Will Shellberg, Jacob Peterson

Grant Axelrod

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

What is Global Warming? The greenhouse effect is causing all the ice in the world to melt. But all the water (from the ice) has to go somewhere. The water levels will rise over 55 to 85 feet. That is up to the Statue of Liberty's crown. Many scientists
believe that this is nonsense. Their opinion is that global warming is just
another hoax for politics to earn money. Greenhouse Effect Facts Global Warming Our Policy Is To What Skeptics Say *"Animals can adapt."

*"The temp record is unreliable."

*"We're headed into the ice age."

*"Oceans are cooling." What Scientists Say Special Thanks To: *"Global warming will cause mass extinctions
of species on a short time scale.'' http://www.skepticalscience.com/argument.php Some of the greenhouse gases that occur naturally are, water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. Again the nation's scientists believe that global warming is a serious health problem because of air pollution. -Drive smarter cars -Save money with energy efficient homes and offices -Build better communities and transportation networks The greenhouse effect is the trapping of heat in the atmosphere. http://www.ndrc.org/globalwarming/ Population is another problem in global warming because as the people use more fossil fuels for heat the greenhouse gasses continues to increase. BY:GRANT AXELROD,WILL SHELLBERG,
AND JACOB PETERSON Harcourt Science Texbook Thanks For Watching!! Axshellson Presents: A Manmade Problem... i im feeel sar .mi fends be meen Give us your opinion. And tell us if you
like our Prezi. There will always be skeptics
and there will always be believers about... *"The warming trend is the same in rural and urban areas."

*"Worry about global warming impacts the next 100 years, not an ice age in over 10,000 years."

*"Most recent ocean measurements show consistent warming."
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