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Personal Health and Behavior Change Project

No description

Anthony Blocker

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Personal Health and Behavior Change Project

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Introduction: Focus on Changing My Diet Contemplation



Maintenance How to Overcome Barriers
at each Stage This can benefit me and everyone to help cut down on obesity and overweight. Changing this behavior can prolong life and have a better sense of well being. Changing My Diet Anthony Blocker My Poor Dieting A Transtheoretical Approach to My Problem Barriers at each Stage Barriers for my Behavior Change Overcoming Barriers my diet has become very poor since coming to school
I have low energy levels and feel weak or worn out most of the time. I need to combat this before obesity sets in.
Obesity and overweight effects nearly 36% of adults and 17% of children in the US and all races, genders, and SES are prone to it.
help me regain my level of fitness and energy that I have lost. Predisposing: being able to eat what I wanted while wrestling
Personal: not being able to cook, lack of time
Enabling/Reinforcing: Friends and Family My diet became a problem
Recognized my diet was poor
begin planning to eat better, tell my friends and family of my intentions and ask for help
Stop eating out, make homemade meals, buy "good" groceries, eat better
Maintain a healthy diet life long lack of time to recognize poor diet, not caring about diet, ease of obtaining "bad food"

Getting friends on board, getting healthy food, ability to cook

Cooking food, Affording healthy food, time and scheduling, learning to plan meals, avoid eating out, messy roommates

Planning meals, finding time, budgeting for food, holidays and get togethers, not giving into temptations Contemplation



Maintenance - have someone recognize bad diet for me

- show my friends and family how important this is to me, get girlfriend to cook for me
- get stepmom's help, find new roommates, get parents to help with food

- continue getting stepmom's help, avoid going overboard, continue to seek support from my friends I believe that researchers should look into implementing a required nutrition course at each level of education to teach people about what they should be putting into their bodies. Individuals can help each other by teaching other how to eat and sharing knowledge of how to maintain a healthy diet. Strong support group
Strong community wellness
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