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How to Train Your Dragon

English project with lot of videos

Aleena Thomas

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon
Call To Adventure
Threshold and Threshold Guardian(S)
Beginning of Transformation
Helper and Mentor
The Ordeal
Life Before the Call to Adventure
The Real Battle
The call to adventure for Hiccup is when he let the Night Fury (a dragon) go.
Hiccup saw that the dragon he shot down was scared and by seeing this emotion, Hiccup felt pity and released him from the knots.
Instead of killing Hiccup like most dragons would do, the Night Fury spared his life after screeching at him.
Characters and their archetypal meaning
Hero: Hiccup
Mentor: Toothless
Threshold guardian: Stoick
Herald: Astrid
Shadow: Queen Dragon
Source Citation
some videos from Youtube.com
Someone who holds back Hiccup is his father
When Hiccup tells his father that he don't want to kill a dragon, his father disagrees and orders him into dragon training.
Stoick thought he was giving what Hiccup wanted, but didn't understand Hiccup's feelings at the time
Life in Village
The main character, Hiccup, is a scrawny boy who doesn't fit into the society which is filled with fearless vikings who kills dragons to protect their livestock.
The worst part about Hiccup's life is that he is the misfit with the leader of the vikings, Stoick, as his father.
And Stoick thinks of Hiccup as a disappointment because of his unusual way of thinking things.
Because he want to make his father proud, Hiccup's current goal is to kill a dragon.
He have tried many times to kill a dragon with his inventions, but the attempts usually fail causing more damage to the village than the dragons already caused.
The transformation started when Hiccup saw that Toothless can't fly because he was missing a wing.
Toothless can be killed easily if he can't fly.
Hiccup feels sorry, because it was his fault that caused the dragon to lose the wing.
After his dragon training, Hiccup experiments with an artificial wing that is made for Toothless
As they spend their together, Hiccup realizes "all he knew about dragons is wrong."
Hiccup doesn't really have a mentor, but someone who can be considered as one is Toothless.
Hiccup finds out the weak points in a dragon from working with Toothless
Hiccup uses this knowledge in dragon training which made him the celebrity in the village
In dragon training, the students were given tests to see how they coped with different dragons (these were considered as hand-on lessons)
Hiccup got very good at disarming dragons without hurting them.(he learned these tricks, while he was with Toothless)
The Elder thought that he was the best candidate out of six students and chose him to kill his first dragon in front of the whole village.
But after learning that not all dragons were killers or thieves, Hiccup rushed to Toothless and told him that they are leaving.
The Night Fury led them to the dragon's nest, when Toothless and Hiccup kidnapped Astrid.
They learned that the dragons had to steal the food, otherwise the queen dragon will kill them.
But they kept the dragon's nest a secret to keep Toothless safe.
Facing his fears, Hiccup decided to show his father that dragons were not dangerous and that they can be tamed.
Before he entered the arena, Hiccup made sure that Astrid will keep Toothless safe if anything happened to him.
When the dragon approached him, Hiccup dropped all of his weapons and tried to show his father that dragons can be calmed and tamed.
But Stoick banged his hammer against the chained fencing and provoked the dragon.
The dragon went after Hiccup, but soon was stopped by Toothless who sensed that his friend was in trouble.
But after seeing that the Night Fury is defenseless, they captured it.
When Stoick interrogated Hiccup, he learned that only a dragon could find the nest and made a new plan to destroy it.
He didn't to Hiccup's warning about the Queen and went to conquer the nest.
With Toothless, Hiccup led the Queen away from the rest.
As they flew through the air, Toothless fired at the Queen but she shot randomly at the air to get them.
When the replaced tail burned, Hiccup flew to the ground with the humongous dragon following them.
The Queen started to fire at them, but Toothless turned back and shot at the gas that was building up in its mouth.
The dragon burned inside out and came crashing into the ground.
Toothless and Hiccup survived, but Hiccup lost his leg in the process.
At first Hiccup was punished by having his dragon taken away from him.
Also he gave his father an idea that might lead him to his death.
With a plan to annihilate the Queen, Hiccup and his friends flew in with the dragons to help the people.
When Hiccup was unable to free Toothless, his father dived into the water to free the night fury.
Hiccup was finally rewarded with what he wanted
his father's respect and acknowledgment.
Hiccup returned and found that everything changed in the village.
Now he is a hero and the dragons have a place right beside the vikings.
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