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You have 20 minutes for the prepositions quiz.

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of You have 20 minutes for the prepositions quiz.

Warm Up
What is persuasion? What are some ways to persuade someone?
Let's take 10 minutes to get back into Anne Frank review groups.
We ran to the store after school.
to the store-where
after school-when

John yelled in pain when tripped on the rope.
in pain-how
on the rope-where.

Jane has been tired and hungry since this morning.
since this morning- when
Prepositional phrases as adverbs
Prepositional phrases that are adverbs answer where, when, how, why, under what conditions, and to what extent.
The are typically seen after adverbs, verbs, and adjectives. They can come after nouns, so you have to make sure the phrase is not an adjective.
Find the adverb phrases and say what question it answers.
1. In the summer, the weeds grow through the soil.

2. I grinned with pride when I won the award.

3. Tim is disappointed because of his grade.

4. The dog jumped outside of our yard.

5. I sat and read my book in patience.
Study for Anne Frank quiz on Friday.
IXL level 8 WW.4
Persuasion is convincing someone to do, say, think, or believe something. You are convincing someone to change their minds and actions.

Ethos: The speaker uses time and experience or celebrity endorsement, to persuade.

I can say Maryland is hot in the summer because I have lived there for my entire life.

The American Dental Association recommends that you floss every day.

Pathos: persuading someone by getting them to feel a particular emotion.

Going to Disney will make you a kid again!

Look at that puppy's sad face; we should take it home!

Logos: Persuading someone with factual, statistical, or common sense information.

You should drink milk every day because Calcium strengthens bones.

Studies show that 75% of people got healthier when they gave up smoking.

Religious schools are good because they help students' faith(s) develop.
Which persuasive technique do you use the most and why?
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