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Rosaura Julisa Miguel

No description

Mrs. Almazan

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Rosaura Julisa Miguel

Valleys are found on every continent, and even under the sea. Some valleys are wide and flat, with gently sloping sides. Others are deep and steep-sided gouges in the Earth.
1.Prairies are large areas of grassland.
2.Most prairies are flat , some have low hills.
3.Grasses are most important plants on prairies.
4.There are hundreds of different kinds of grasses.
5.They grow to be only few inches high in places that do not get much rain.
Mountains are huge chunks of rock that rise above the earth.
Sand and mud fell to the bottom of the sea 60 million years ago.
The layers of mud turned to rocks 40 million years ago.The layers were pushed up and the got smaller 30 million years ago .
Glaciers are huge rivers of flowing ice and snow.
Most glaciers are found in the Antarctica.
Glaciers have 3 parts the top layer is snow the middle layer is a mix of ice and snow the bottom layer is solid ice.

BYRosaura ,Miguel,Julisa
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