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Mass, Matter, and Volume - 3rd Grade

Aligned to South Carolina's 3rd grade science standards

Edith Erickson

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Mass, Matter, and Volume - 3rd Grade

Mass-ing Around Mass is how much matter is in an object. Mass is measured with a balance (or scale). An object with more mass feels heavier! Which has more mass? Me? Or Me? What's the Matter? Matter is anything that can be observed or measured. Matter comes in three forms:
Gas Observable Traits: See: Color, size, shape, luster Touch: Texture, heat Smell: Odor or not Measurable Traits: Mass w/ balance

Volume w/ beaker/syringe

Temperature w/ thermometer

Length w/ruler Volume Solids have a definite size and shape - the size and shape do not change. Liquids have a volume that doesn't change, but they change shape to fit a container. Gases do not have a definite shape or volume. Gases take the shape and size of their container. Volume is how much space an object takes up. Volume can be measured by a syringe, beaker, or graduated cylinder. Something that takes up more space has more volume. Does this have more volume when it is full or empty? Which dog has more volume?
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