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Mary Draper: An American Revolutionary War Hero

No description

Alex Devaux

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Mary Draper: An American Revolutionary War Hero

Why was this heroic?
Putting food out for the soldiers was tiring and dangerous
By putting that food out for all to see she was basically saying "I'm a rebel" which wasn't widely supported
She used all of her energy on a daily basis to help keep new recruits healthy/full. She baked as much and as long as she needed to without even thinking of herself and her needs.
Why was this heroic?
To make the rebel army coats she used her daughters clothes, her clothes and any spare cloth to create warm clothes to help them live
The second she heard the army needed anything she dropped everything to do what ever she could to help their needs be met
She also made clothes from spare sheets and hand woven cloth. She sacrificed every piece of cloth she could for the army
Why was this heroic?
Early Life
Born April, 1719
Married to Moses Draper
Had six children, 5 sons and 1 daughter
One of her sons joined the Continental army when she demanded he do so
"Heroic" Acts
When the Continental Army troops were walking through her town, she would bake bread, and make cider and cheese. She'd lay it all out on a table and restock it as needed
Sewed coats/warm clothing for troops in need during winter
Melted down all pewter when the army was in need of bullets
Had one son join the army
Mary Draper: An American Revolutionary War Hero

Heroic Act and Quote
On the morning after the Battle of Lexington, many hungry soldiers showed up at Mary's house. Even though Mary wasn't sure she could fit them all in, she opened her home up and cooked for the tired soldiers.
"Food must be prepared for the hungry; for before to-morrow night, hundreds, I hope thousands,will be on their way to join the continental forces. Some who have travelled far will need refreshement, and you and I, with Molly, must feed as many as we can."
Melting down all the pewter she owned required her to sacrifice ornaments that she valued highly.
Gave up almost all plates/dishes
Just melting the pewter down wasn't enough for her. She found a mold her husband had bought and formed bullets for the army.
If she had been able to join the army she would.
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