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Introduction to Internet Marketing

Telling Your Story Authentically with Modern Tools ©2016

Matteo Wyllyamz

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Internet Marketing

Matteo Wyllyamz
Telling Your Story Authentically with Modern Tools
NOT obsessed with Internet media:


mouselink.co (Tumblr)
Been speaking to groups about technology and its implications for 20+ years.

Began teaching in 1993 as a software instructor in with an emphasis on multimedia, graphic design, internet development, and social media.

Taught Apple Macintosh classes exclusively for five years, and have been active on the Internet for two decades.

Created courses for Jefferson County Adult Ed, Colorado Christian University, Productivity Point, Colorado Free University, Tompkins Cortland Community College, and the Department of Defense. Presented at the Rod Serling Conference, the 140 Characters Conference ("State of Now"), and at Tweetsock, Canada's largest "social media rock show."

Blogged for seven years. ('99-'05). Developed an audience of 800,000.
Current reach on Twitter: Roughly 1,000,000 daily impressions from 100,000 accounts.

TODAY: I write and speak about the ways in which technology impacts our society and us as individuals. I facilitates hands-on workshops, seminars, and lectures, but I also enjoy working with people one-on-one. Doing more appearances on radio and at conferences.

Nominated for a Shorty Award in 2013 in the category of #science.

A beatnik super-human, disguised as geek, loitering at the intersection of Art and Science.
One of the reactions I sometimes get when I try to talk to people about futurism, and how much the world is going to change in the next 25 years.
Perceptual blindness and "Normalcy bias"

The human mind vs.
The future

What are the benefits of resisting technological change?
How can we prepare the human mind for what's coming, if it's unable to even conceive of what it's never before encountered?
"Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?
That is the sound of inevitability."

Agent Smith - The Matrix, 1999
Did resistance work for the music recording industry?
Did resistance work for the newspaper industry?
Will resistance work for the movie industry? ...

What about education, government ... your business?
Exponentially curving, accelerating trends
Facebook was founded in 2004.
(Popularized circa 2008.)
YouTube was founded in 2005.
(Popularized circa 2006.)
Twitter was founded in 2006.
(Popularized circa 2009.)
Instagram, fall of 2010
Pinterest, 2011
Vine, Snapchat, Periscope ...

What will be next?
And how fast will it take hold?
More will happen in the next 25 years than the previous 250.

More will happen in the next 100 years than the previous 10,000. ...

But we keep planning for our future as if the world will be just like it is today.
fu·tur·ism (n) fyooCHrizm

1. Concern with events and trends of the future or which anticipate the future.

2. An artistic movement begun in Italy in 1909 that violently rejected traditional forms so as to celebrate and incorporate into art the energy and dynamism of modern technology.
Think of _The Matrix_ as a metaphor of what could happen if humans continue living and working in their denial of the power of technological change.
My personal/professional track record as a 'futurist':

Wrote about the iPad in 1995 -- 15 years before its release by Apple.

Spoke on the “multi-touch” interface in 2009 -- three years before Microsoft Surface computers were announced.
Of course, futurism is not a crystal ball.
It is about extrapolation, anticipation, and being prepared.
To learn more about futurism, begin with a search for Ray Kurzweil.
Facing inevitability and anticipating change

Guiding technology intentionally

Asking, “What’s are the benefits/drawbacks?”

Being wary of unintended consequences

Loyalty vs. agility
We're changing what's possible.
This presentation can be found at:
mouselink.co >> "workshops"
or at mslnk.bz/internet-101
This is your brain.

This is your brain on social media.

This is what the brain of your Internet marketing 'expert' looks like.
This presentation can be found at:
mouselink.co >> "workshops"
or at mslnk.bz/interwebs-101
Thank you!
Matteo Wyllyamz
scroll wheel = zoom in or out. also: click to zoom. drag to pan. arrows keys = zoom. or use frame controls.
Are all these forms of
"new media" just a fad?
Or are we changing the very fabric of how society works?

... Not to mention the human mind.
How much is the planet changing?

The amount of data in the world will increase by 50-75x in the next 10 years alone.
The information explosion has created jaded consumers.
In today's world,
how do you get people's attention?
And so you have to ask, Is Internet Marketing ...


You have one, and the Internet is your journal for telling it:

One-to-Many vs.



Brand loyalty


Influence and
Thinking in funnels
(and factors of 10x)
Impressions: 1,000,000
Reach: 100,000 accounts
Online now: 10,000
Actual views: 1,000
Clicks-thru: 100
Interactions: 10
Meaningful relationships:
Numbers are both less and more important than we think.
Asking questions
Getting people
talking to each other
Join it, or it will go on
without you.
"Social Proof "
"Social Timing"
It's simple: Your content needs to be what it's about.
This is the key to ALL searchability.
Screwing up several different things all at the same time.

Rather, focus on something, and do it well before branching out into other approaches.
Beware of
Set goals and limits.

Let go of "supposed to"
and ask yourself,

How is your business doing?
Facing technological inevitability ...
Be aware of perceptual blindness and normalcy bias.

Let go of your resistance to technological change.

Technology is accelerating everything.

Have an attitude of 'technorealism.'

The amount of data will increase 50-75x in the next decade.

The information explosion creates noise & jaded consumers.

Social media broadcasting is a many-to-many model.

The Internet is your journal, so tell your story.

Create conversations & community.

Think in terms of funnels (and factors of 10x)
Numbers are both less and more important.

Social proof: humans are herd animals.

Remember to use social timing.

SEO: Use relevant key words as accurate descriptions.

Beware of cheerleaders.

Let go of "supposed to" & multitasking.

Focus on agility over loyalty.

Set goals and limits.

Dharma, karma, and kaizen.

This is not the end of your learning, but the beginning! >> Google it!
Conversation is the antidote to information overload.
Or sometimes it looks like this.
Just change 'car rides' to 'the Internet.'
Who are you?
What is your business?
And most importantly, why are you here?
The learning is in the conversation.
You may find this list of JARGON words at the bottom of the workshop description page at
or go there directly http://mslnk.bz/14YrX0Q
Introduction to Internet Marketing (101)
Moore's Law
"the singularity"
Spent $40 to promote a Facebook post.
40,000 people 'saw' the post.
400 liked it.
40 click-thrus to site.
4 sales, $100 profit on each.
ROI: Earned $360.
Or another way of looking at it:
Don't underestimate the power of images and the cultural narrative.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a 6-second video worth?
(n) An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially by imitation.
Or another way of looking at it:
Reservation-free weekends help us better serve our customers. Here's why: http://mslnk.bz/PW3Rxl
Influence & Authority
Give to others what you desire.
(You get back what you put out there.)

If you want likes, like.

If you want comments, comment.

If you want followers, follow.
and continual improvement
Telling stories ...
Chronological decay for a typical Facebook post
"Sight," an 8min YouTube film:
And can computers
predict the future?
How to create an effective workshop experience
Set cell phones to silent or turn off.
Class is part discussion, part lecture, part hands-on.
PARTICIPATE! Ask questions. Answer questions.
Take notes and/or bring a device.
A cooperative learning environment, we're here to
learn from each other.
So be mindful of others’ levels of knowledge.
Always be aware of time-constraints!
This class was designed for a specific level of student:
The beginning Internet marketer.
Workshop schedule
One session of three hours
Short break (10mins) about half way through
Internet addresses and WiFi
< You're lost.
You're bored. >
You're thrilled!
This is a meta-level conversation to discuss leveraging content strategy in the context of Internet technology & culture with the intent of raising public awareness of your brand (and therefore increasing business).
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