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dan young

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of birkenau

Birkenau Birkenau was most notorious of the six concentration camps used to exterminate the Jewish population Construction of Birkenau started on October 1941 near a town called Oswiecim From April 1943 to March 1944, 160,000 Jews were killed at Birkenau From March 1944 to November 1944, when all the other death camps had been abandoned, Birkenau resulted in the gassing of 585,000 Jews. A few Jews escaped from Birkenau, and there were recorded assaults on Nazi guards even at the entrance to the gas chambers. The "Sonderkommando" revolt in October 1944 was a great example of physical resistance. Sonderkommando's were prisoners responsible for disposing the corpses of fellow prisoners. They were given special living conditions and had inside information about the "secrets" of the camps. Because of this information they held, Sonderkommandos were killed as a group periodically so the secrets did not spread to other prisoners When a group of Sanderkommandos found out that their group was about to be exterminated, they attacked SS guards with axes and knives, and used explosives to destroy half of a crematoria. Many of the SS officers were killed and only a few prisoners were killed during the uprising. Ironically they even threw an SS officer into a crematoria oven, resulting in his death. Later that day the group of Sanderkommandos were forced to lie face down on the ground and were killed. A total of 451 were killed Why did we choose to research Birkenau? We chose to research Birkenau, which is also referred to as Auschwitz II, because we've heard of the concentration camp Auschwitz from reading Night. Although we knew a little bit about Auschwitz, we never knew that there was an Auschwitz II. We decided to research this to find out a little bit about what Auschwitz II was, and to inform the class as well. By: Dan Young and Mike Reeder Holocaust
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