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A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove Timeline - Character Activity

Make a copy of this prezi after you make an account so that you can add your responses. By Stephanie Coady and adapted by Juliette Bentley

Juliette Bentley

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove Timeline - Character Activity

October January December Late October:
Kerry goes away Mid December:
Arrived at
Wattle Beach 25th December:
Christmas A Bridge to Wiseman's
Cove - Timeline 1st January:
New Year's Day 31st December:
New Year's Eve February Early February:
Carl and Harley
Start School 26th February:
Carl's Birthday Early March to Late March:
Carl gets a job at the bowls club March April Early April:
Carl becomes Skip Duncan's permanent employee Early April:
Harley has a
fight with
Liam Wilson Early April:
Harley draws
graffiti in the
town Early April:
Harley is
chained up
at Beryl's Early April:
Joy looks
after Harley
on the holidays Middle April:
boat capsizes Anzac Day (25th):
Osprey is Released May Early May:
Farewell Party
For Maddie Early May:
Carl finds out
about Graham
(Skip and Joy's
son) Early May:
Carl finds out
about Bruce
owning half of
'Wattle Lady.' Early May:
'Wattle Lady'
builds a rinsing
machine Middle May:
Red barge
slips its
moorings Middle May:
'Wattle Lady's'
windows get
smashed by
guns Late May:
A bridge is
declared to be
made-red barge
was sold to
Brenstone Late May:
Carl finds out
Kerry was
in a bus
accident Step 1. Choose a character from the list. Beryl, Skip, Harley, Maddie, Justine or Carl.
Step 2. Choose five events from the timeline and find images to symbolise how your chosen character responds to or feels about these events. You can do it as part of this prezi. Now Save a copy of this prezi and rename it with the name of your chosen character. How __________ views some of the events in A Bridge To Wiseman's Cove. The End The characters all contribute to the tension of the plot. Some act as bridges for one another. Bridges to wholeness.
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