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Technology is Causing Social Isolation

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Benjamin Colson

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Technology is Causing Social Isolation

Coffee Places
traditionally great conversation places
the addition of Wi-Fi has made customers anti-social
Technology-Induced Isolationism
TII in Our Society
TII can impact social skills (ability to maintain conversation).
studies have shown that people who are secluded have weaker immune systems than those who interact often
it is proven that some people in depression eat excessively, which can lead to obesity
Side Effects of TII

School Buses
typically the location of a lot of socializing
the increasing presence of technology among teenagers detracts from the potential social interaction on the bus
What is Technology-Induced Isolationism
technology-induced isolationism (TII) is a type of social isolation where someone engages themselves with some form of technology, rather than with other humans; this can be applied to anything from phone usage to tech-savvy hermits
By: Ben Colson
Technology-Induced Isolationism:
Real World Relevance
Basics of TII
What, at its core, is TII?
TII is NOT a medical term but rather a loose definition encompassing any example of a person choosing technology over people
Something such as obesity, a conversational-related embarrassment, or other potential deterrent from social interaction will discourage people (that possess such a trait) from further interaction, drawing them back into isolation.
Indirect Side Effects
Music players (earbuds)
hearing loss
esp. among teenagers
"Smart" phones
texting and driving
car accidents
general screen watching
Effects of Technology on Health
Do I see my ability to communicate being affected by technology?
Has the presence of technology in my life influenced how often I spend time with others?
Do I feel personal electronics have weakened society's interpersonal communication skills as a whole?
Points to Ponder
Application of Moore's Law
the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years
doubling transistors → advancements in general technology
passing of years → loss of social ties
the average core discussion network (all the people you are truly close to) will amount to zero people by 2159
the new push for laptops/tablets causes kids to socialize less
first-hand experience at VAHS
banking, paying bills/shopping, mailing, writing, and more jobs are all going technology-based
TII in Work/School
More Examples of TII
being alone to much on a computer screen, we risk "social malnutrition," or not enough practice in conversation
leads to awkward moments in conversation
escape awkward moments by texting, email, etc.
gives us power to edit and delete
TII Affecting Communication Skills
previous generations
board games
tell stories
play cards
TII in Entertainment
our generation
electronic games
browse the internet
most common forms of embodiment
smartphones before communication
email/text/phone call/social media, etc.
extreme cases
around 6% of Americans are truly isolated
aforementioned "Indirect Side Effects" from TII cause people to be uncomfortable in public
draws them back into isolation
re-creates same side effects → accumulation
This Project...
...is an "A" project, Mrs. Laborin...
...or else!
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