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Kenneth Goodman

Psycholinguistic & Whole Language Theorist

Rene Liddell

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Kenneth Goodman

Kenneth Goodman Psycholinguitstic Theory and Whole Language Theory Reading is a primarily language process Readers rely on language cueing systems Authentic literacy experiences High quality literature school
dislikes press
"Schools isolate language from its meaningful functional use." Spring board for activities in other content areas Whole Language Teaching
learner chooses
He is not a fan of:
Reading First
DIBELS-"a set of silly tests,"
"demean teachers," "misrepresent pupils"
Current Initiatives
Good man believes that there should be an alternative to Reading First due to the fact that it is negative, rprescriptive, punitive and absolute.
world renowned "Whole language has redefined teaching
and its relationship to learning" Dialect miscues

OR - Classes let out
ER - Classes left out OR - He was not to worry
ER - He didn't have to worry OR - hisself
ER - himself "Literacy develops naturally as a consequence of experiences with print, just like language." Goodman was the theoretical basis for the whole language movement, which was further defined by Frank Smith and Regie Routman His theory and passionate force made him a symbol of the whole language movement and a catalist for criticism He has published over 150 articles and book chapters as well as books regarding his beliefs. Awards and Achievements
President of IRA
President of the Center for Expansion of Language of Thinking
President of the National Conference of Reasearch in Language and Literacy
Recipent of the James Squire Award from NCTE

Goodman began writing his dissertation, and became interested in clashes going on in the NCTE over grammmar that turned into a deep division over the nature of language and how it should be researched. He saw instant possiblilites for understanding how readers made sense of written language through incorporating the tools and concepts of descriptive linguistics. Success would:
be positive
not promise more than it can deliver
be inclusive
avoid a sense of crisis
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