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Asia Foster Personal Introduction

No description

Asia Foster

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Asia Foster Personal Introduction

Shy I would describe myself as... Funny Intelligent Klutzy/Silly I would teach people how to swim If I had to teach something... Obesity The biggest problem in America today... My teacher is cool My English Class Dislike Like writing papers Stay Connected Social Media Spread of drama Visually I learn best... Examples Taking Notes I wouldn't change a thing about the way I am Even if nobody judged me... The world might be a better place with less discrimination. Swim I Love To... Travel & Living in Willow, Alaska Most Memorable Moment Figuring out what I want to do after graduation I struggle with... Graduate. My 3 main goals for this school year Get accepted into a good college. Get a car. Math My favorite school subject is... Flint, Michigan (March 7th 1995) I was born in... Anderson Elementary-Flint
Linden Charter Academy
Vassar Central Elementary
Carman-Ainsworth Middle School
Flint Northern
Flint Southwestern Academy
Davison High School I went to school at... Davison Athletic Club I worked at... Asia J. Foster Family Tree Tiana Foster Alex Foster Graig Foster Chatta Ensley Rosie Dyson Robertson Foster Patricia Fair Florida
San Mateo, California
Canada Places I've lived/been All of Asia Before I die I want to visit Art My least favorite school subject Final Thought All about Asia J. Foster 20 Things as a lifeguard Thank you for being a wonderful audience. The End My biggest fear is Spiders ...and heights.
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