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Long, Long After School

No description

Jessica Singh

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Long, Long After School

"Long, Long After School"

Characterization and Setting
Point of View and Conflict
Plot and Tone
Mood and Literary Devices
Protagonist: Wes
the story takes place in a cemetery
this is important because this is where Wes works and is where Miss. Tretheway is buried
Point of View
The point of view the story is told in is first person.
The main conflict in this story is Man vs. Man. This is the main conflict because throughout the story, Wes is trying to prove to the narrator that Miss Tretheway is beautiful.
The tone is pretty casual. The author is writing this short story as a recount.
The mood of the story is very dark and mysterious. Wes talks in circles and the narrator doesn't remember much.
Literary Devices
Visual Imagery:
the author was clear on how the cemetery looked and when having conversation
"But somehow I myself have never felt less beautiful, or less of a gentleman". the narrator feels insecure
"I looked down the river where the cold December water jagged ice thrown up on the banks".
" Such as a young buy send her flowers for his 1st formal dance".
The theme of "Long, Long After School" is that everybody looks at beauty differently.
Examples of Conclusion
Throughout the story, Wes explains about why he thinks Miss. Tretheway is beautiful. By the end of the story, the narrator understand this because he says "never felt less beautiful, or less of a gentleman"
Relation Between Society and World
People judge others based on their looks and make fun of them and its not true because everybody has a different definition of beauty.
Relation To Self
Everybody can relate to this theme because everyone has their own opinion about what beauty looks like.
Author: Ernest Buckler
Inciting Incident:
Bumping into each other at the cemetery.
Rising Action:
When he called the teacher beautiful.
When Wes explained that the teacher visited him everyday in the hospital and called herself the old maid.
Falling Action:
Wes actually blushed the first time when the teacher said that.
Narrator feels insecure about himself and his curiosity is satisfied.
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