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Health In Harmony Model

No description

Kinari Webb

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Health In Harmony Model

Health In Harmony Model Working Together Everyone can help Honoring Diversity Common Ground Shared Goal of a Healthy Planet for Ourselves and Our Children One Planet for All Listening to Communities Knowledge Health Care Shared Principles Locally-identified fundamental needs for a community to be healthy Healthy Livelihoods Environmental Protection Clinic DOTS Ambulance Mobile Clinic Birth Control Immunizations All Results from a 5-year follow-up survey of 1497 Households in 25 villages 15% reduction in under-five mortality
25% increase in immunizations
ASRI patients more likely to be immunized and use birth control, less likely to have fevers and cough: ASRI has seen over 15,000 individual patients & had >33,000 patient visits
Distributed 4000 mosquito nets: use rate now 97%
ASRI patients are more likely to use a restroom, less likely to defecate in a river, & less likely to drink river water (but not wealthier) 60,000 People around the Park Will the 21st Century be the Great Turning or the Great Ending? Can we move from an Ego-centric to an
Eco-centric world-view? Health In Harmony offers a model for how we might make this great change with a shared goal, shared principles, and a shared methodology. The branches in each place will be different,
but all the fruits will be healthy. Together we can do it! Organic Farming Training Goats for Widows Reforestation Distributing Cows ASRI Kids Conservation Education Health Education Patients Community Provider Education Govt Staff Training Health Care Discounts Alternative Livelihood Training Forest Guardians A Healthier Planet for All The key lies within each one of us. Over 300 Farmers Trained in Organic Methods
Many farmers seeing a doubling in income
Testimonial from village head: Increase from 6/30 to 10/30 villages from 2011-mid 2012 did no logging at all in three-monthly on-the-ground surveys.
61% of people who had heard of health care discount had discussed it with their family or neighbors
98% of those believe the discount has helped stop logging
but only 22% knew about discount -- room for improvement
Comparison to other surveys suggests decline in logging. 68% reduction in active loggers over five years >80% of loggers who knew forest guardian, heard of discount, or went to conservation education event stopped logging or are considering stopping >99% of people support the park
>95% of loggers would prefer other work
Only 1.3% of people think illegal logging can't be stopped (19/1,444 people)
Only 9% of people overall think logging is Ok (37% of loggers think so) Non-cash payment at Clinic ASRI patients are significantly less worried about affording and accessing health care than non-patients (p<.0001)
Medical care number one reason to borrow money locally Conservation Health Education Trained 13 doctors for >1yr each
Trained >100 nurses & doctors shorter term
Trained 60 govt midwives
>20,000 community members received health education "Five years ago there were over 100 illegal loggers in my village now there are less than 10. The big impact of ASRI is that now people can become farmers without start up money because they do not have to buy expensive chemical fertilizers."
Pak Bastarin Trees for the Future 67,000 trees planted
Orangutan corridor planted
More than 600 people have received training in best tree planting methods
Teaching children to grow trees for their future wood use Reforestation & Agro-forestry Organic Farming The work must be on global scale,
a community scale and a personal level. Non-Cash Payment The fundamental causes of poor health around Gunung Palung National Park were:
Inadequate access to good health care
Unhealthy work options
Inadequate knowledge
Environmental degredation Testimonial:
"I had to cut down 60 trees to pay my mother's medical bill when she got care in Ketapang [nearest city]." Cullen et al, in prep, Earth Observatory of Singapore, ASRI baseline and repeat surveys, Hiller et al, 2004 There was a 40% increase in farming wet rice (p<0.0001), a 31% increase in orchards (p<0.001), & an 8% decline in slash & burn (dry rice) farming (p=0.0020)
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