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Coca Cola

No description

chloe brown

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Coca Cola

How Coca-Cola is made
In order to make Coca -Cola’s sweet sugary genuine taste you will have to obtain the famously secret "formula known as merchandise "7X"(pendergrast,2000), which is a highly confidential formula of coca cola kept in a special security vault in a bank in the United States. Only a few trusted company employees know its true ingredients, proper order and measurement of each ingredient. So far chemist have been able to imitate almost all of coca-colas ingredients but sadly yet to find proper order and measure of mixing.
James Pemberton

creator of Coca cola
• James Pemberton was a former solider
Who was injured during the Civil War in April 1865
• injuries lead to Morphine addiction
• August 16, 1888, he died at his home in Atlanta.

The most important part of making coca cola is the syrup.
The syrup contains “high fructose corn syrup 55” this syrup is named so because it is 55 per cent fructose or “fruit sugar” and 42 per cent glucose or “simple sugar”. The second ingredient added to the syrup is “Caramel Coloring E15od”. This solution gives Coca cola taste and coloring. Caramel coloring E15od is made by heating a combination of sugar, sulfite and ammonia .The syrup’s other principal ingredient is phosphoric acid (medium.com,2013).

Today coca cola is managed by CEO Muhtar Kent and is a multi- billion dollar company rated #4 on most valuable brands of all time (forbes.com,2013).With more then 900 plants around the world it is ranked top organization for multicultural business opportunities. The business has progressed from the average serving of 9 people to 1.9 billion people around the world and has even more goals to accomplish (coca-colacompany.com , 2015)

Now a small portion of flavoring is added such as:

• Vanilla
• Cinnamon
• Coca leaf
*Before the use of the coca leaf it has to be carefully filtered to remove cocaine

Now the last but most important ingredients of the syrup is the caffeine and


• Aspartame, saccharin, stevia extract

• Coffee beans, cocoa beans , tea leaves , kola nuts

The final steps is to now mix all ingredients and boil them down into a substance then filter the substance the last step is to mix the substance in with water and carbon dioxide. And you are left with the spectacular Coca cola beverage (medium.com,2013).

The history of coca cola began in 1886 when a pharmacist from Atlanta named James Pemberton ,took sight of another drink called Mariani wine. Mariani wine was a French wine made by Vin Mariani it was made by mixing coca leaf extract with Bordeaux wine. Vin Mariani soon hit a great peak of success for his beverage, seeing this success James Pemberton decided to set out and make his own version and He called it Pemberton's French Wine Coca. Pemberton’s French wine was a great fail because local costumers started to realize "Pemberton’s French wine" was just a bad remake of the real Mariani wine (Hamblin,2013).
Asa Candler expanded distribution of coca cola to locations beyond Atlanta because the demand for coca cola was rapidly increasing.
Asa Candler later in 1903 encountered problems for the use of cocaine in Coca Cola.
Because the public went against the consumption of the stimulating drug. By 1914 there was a law prohibiting the use and ownership of cocaine. That was a problem for the coca cola because there were using coca leaf, which is the natural state of cocaine. Asa Candler had to remove as much cocaine as possible from the beverage yet still until 1929 all cocaine was not removed. Today we have the appropriate science technology to filter the coca leaf to give us a legal refreshing fantastic beverage (coca-cocahelleic.com , 2011).

........... Mr.Pemberton also did not have liquor license so sales were prohibited and Pemberton’s French wine soon became illegal. Then Mr. Pemberton came up with an alternative for the wine, which is the sweet sugary syrup we use today. This new invention of adding syrup was first made in a pot In his backyard and was documented by Dr. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson who is also credited, for naming the beverage “Coca Cola” as well as designing the trademark, just two years after creating what was to become the world’s #1-selling sparkling beverage, Dr. Pemberton sold company rights to a businessman named Asa G. Candler for only $2300 (worldofcocacola.com,2013).
Those Oreo's Doe
anyways back to the topic ........


Coca cola has an amazing marketing system. They made a multi- million-dollar investment in content marketing and digital publishing. Collaborating with celebrities like Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant,Bill Cosby , Rihanna , Taylor swift even Santa clause to appeal to a younger audience. Also sponsoring spectacular events and organizations such as American Idol, Apple iTunes, BET Network, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, and the Olympic Games. Due to these investments 94% of the world recognize the coca cola label (cocacolacompany.com,2013 ).

stage 1 / 10 mins
stage2 / 20 mins
blood sugar begins to rise , causing a burst of insulin, your liver then turns the sugar into fat
stage 3 /40 mins
all the caffeine from the beverage is absorbed , pupils dilate, blood pressure rises in response liver pushes more sugar into your blood stream
stage 4 / 45 mins
your body speeds up dopamine production , signaling pleasure to your brain
final stage / 60 mins
sugar crash!!!!
Health issues (

its so hard to imagine your favorite drink to consume on a warm day to cool you down can be so cruel to your body .But if you love something or your addicted to something then your most likely consuming a great amount of that thing a day. And your probably thinking "its impossible to be addicted to coca cola" well your wrong after drinking coca cola your body starts to love the sugary high you obtain, but within 60 minutes you lose that high and your body starts to crave that feeling again kind of forcing you to drink more
first you consume the coca cola and 100 % of your daily intake of sugar is ingested
*this is how heroin physically works when you consume it
And everybody knows the saying "To much of one thing is really bad for you " well with Coca cola it has been proven that to much could result in harmful effects to your body such as Obesity , Diabetes, Teeth and Bone Damage,Metabolism Level Decreases .Anyone and everyone can be effected by this drink age , race and gender doesn't matter .The only way to prevent these thing is to make a wise and easy decision to stop, at the moment Coca Cola Canada is making a decisions to cut down on "....sweetness and calories by 8% and shrinking the bottle sizes by 15 %"..... (Thestar.com,2015) .If consumers cut down or excuse coca cola out of their diet there will be an improvmnet in thier health
The History Of Coca Cola
Coca Cola Today
The Faces Of Coca Cola Today
Muhtar Kent
chairman of the Board, CEO
Marcos de Quinto
Chief Marketing Officer
Kathy N. Waller

Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
Coca Cola
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Quick Recap/Summary
James Pemberton is the creator of coca cola

the Coca Cola formula is kept in a US bank

cocaine was previously used in coca cola

Has a great marketing strategy

coca cola's health issues threaten the company
Fun Facts
There are only 2 countries in the world, Cuba and North Korea that don’t sell Coca-Cola products.
Three people tried to sell Coca Cola’s secrets ingredients to Pepsi, but Pepsi reported them to the company and the FBI.
Between 1922 and 1933, The Coca-Cola Company was offered the opportunity to purchase the Pepsi company three times. Coca Cola declined on all three occasions
kickassfacts.com,n.p,2014.web.1 feb 2015
By.Chloé Brown
our company leadership
".N.p.2013.web. 2 feb 2015.
For God, Country and Coca cola
,New York; 2000.print.

sulfite:chemical compound used for perserving food or

Stevia: a sweetener extracted from the leaves of a plant called "Stevia rebaudiana"
Extract: strong, concentrated form of a substance

Ammonia: liquid with a strong smell made from a chemical gas and water. Ammonia is used in some cleaning products and in fertilizer

phosphoric acid: chemical compounof mineral acid

saccharin:Saccharin is an artificial sweetener with no food energy and is about 300 times as sweet as sugar

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