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Carol Gilligan

No description

victoria gosine

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Carol Gilligan

Feminist: Carol Gilligan
Major accomplishments/experiments
1964: Carol earned her doctorate in social psychology from Harvard University
1967: she began teaching at Harvard University
then became a research assistant for a great theorist of moral developments, Lawrence Kohlberg
Gilligan's Theory

-the person only cares about themselves in order to ensure their well-being and survival

-this is how humans act as children


-the person shows responsibility for themselves

-they start caring and showing love towards others

-this stage is shown by mothers and wives, putting their loved ones first

-at times, the women will even forget about caring for themselves while caring for others

-realization that self-sacrifice is good


-the principle of care for herself and others is demonstrated

-non-violence, do not hurt self or others

-realization the you must take care of yourself in order to take care of others

-some people may never reach his stage

Impact on
Carol was the voice for many women
She believed that there should be equality between women and men
she thought that the women's moral development should be valued
she created books that had large impact on the education in universities
she became a professor at Harvard and New York University
Gilligan continues to share her passion with students
changed the way psychological studies take place (must include women)
Carol Gilligan was born in New York on November 28, 1936, she is still alive today.
When and where was she born?
Gilligan's studies opposed the beliefs and psychological opinions of Kohlberg and many others.

Her opinions were voiced in her famous book, “In a different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development”.
Over time, Carol Gilligan began having different views from Kohlberg and started to criticize the biases of his work.

Kohlberg would base his studies on privileged white men and boys which Carol thought was bias against women

She also criticized the fact that Kohlberg considered the male views of individual rights and rules as a higher stage of moral development than the women's point of view

In turn, she interviewed women and studied the development of women

She set out to prove that women in society were not mentally weaker than men.
Gilligan's Perspective
Her Book

Carol Gilligan's Hardships and Success

Pre Conventional

Gilligan’s book "In a different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development", caused controversy with regards to the disciples and theories of other psychologists because it was from a woman's point of view..

Some people agreed with her theories, others viewed them as being problematic.

Gilligan’s book gave her fame and had a great impact on psychology and education in schools.

As a result of her book's impact on education, in 1992 Gilligan won the Grawmeyer Award in Education. (an award founded by a man named H. Charles Grawmeyer to help make the world a better place).

In 1996 she was named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential people.

Gilligan now works at New York University where she is able to expand her studies on female development.

In 2005, she wrote her first play, The Scarlett Letter and in 2008, her first novel Kyra was published.
Our Opinion
very strong minded women
she is not afraid to speak her mind and oppose other psychologists theories
she is very passionate about the equality of the women's role in society
all of her accomplishments make her a very admirable person
Interesting Facts
has three children
mother was a teacher father was a lawyer
she changed the nature in which psychological studies took place
it is no longer acceptable to conduct experiments in regards to human nature without including women
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