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Was Captain Smith really to blame for the titanic sinking?

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katie cantwell-jones

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Was Captain Smith really to blame for the titanic sinking?

Was captain smith really to blame for the titanic sinking?
By: Katie Cantwell-Jones

Anchika Mishra
Simana Gurung
Captain Smith
Captain smith was an old man, he was not capable of controlling big ships like the titanic. Previously on 1911 Captain Smith was the captain of the 'Olympic Ship', the ship came within inches of colliding with another big ship called the 'New York'. This is strong evidence because it is fact and it did happen.
Whilst in charge of the Titanic several weather warnings were issued, all seven warning that were issued that whole day, he did not slow down and dismissed them. The weather that day was clear, with no wind, perfect ice-berg conditions.
He put several officers on deck to look out, yet none of them were given binoculars, none of them spotted the ice berg on time. This meant the titanic crashed, however only after crash he sent out the distress code. 15 or 20 minutes after the collision the Captain sent a distress message. This is strong evidence because it is fact and it did happen. It also proves the titanic had less time to warn the passengers, so therefore more passengers died that day as help came too late, which was because of Captain Smith.
Bruce Ismay,chair man of the white Star line was the driving force behind the building of the titanic and legend had it that he had sketched his original ideas fr the titanic on a napkin. Ismay, during the voyage was heard by passengers forcing Captain Smith to go faster, to arrive at New York ahead of schedule to receive free press. This is an extremely strong evidence as it was heard by 'passengers'- by multiple people strengthening the evidence, in addition research shows that if the ship did not speed up, they would be able to divert away from the ice berg and arrive in New York on schedule.
Manufactures of the ship
The cheap metal used snapped first time after the ship collided. If the manufactures had used a better quality metal then the ship would have stayed a float for 10 more hours rather than 2. This would have saved more passengers lives because more of them would have had time to board the life boats. Therefore the ships manufacturers were to blame.
Jack Phillips was in charge of the telegrams that day, when the titanic sent a vital telegram he overlooked it. 'Jack Phillips the telegram operator on the titanic... and the telegram was overlooked' this is strong evidence because it is fact and it wasn't Captain Smiths fault for the ship sinking. Jack Phillips also ignored the last ice berg warning . He was said to have screamed that he was too busy. This is vital because it also shows that if he hadn't ignored the last ice berg warning then maybe the officers on look out would have been better prepared and this could have saved the passengers life's. Therefore Captain Smith wasnt entirly to blame for the sinking of the ship.
In Conclusion...
The sinking of the Titanic wasn't Captain Smiths fault, but it wasn't anyone else either. Each person who has been mentioned played a critical role and if either of them had done something different then it would have saved the passengers lives. Therefore it was partly Captain Smith's fault for the deaths of many people.
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