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How music affects your personality, behaviors, and mood

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Josie Hand

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of How music affects your personality, behaviors, and mood

How music affects your personality and mood
Music and Mood
what we already know
lullabies can help young children fall asleep by calming them
a college fight song gets the crowd ready for the game
during movies and the song choices they pick for the background music for a suspenseful scene or a scene when the character is feeling extreme joy or sadness
listening to up beat music in the morning can help wake you up
We know music can affect our emotions. Music can make us laugh, cry, and many other feelings. why?
the main reasons music affects our mood is the rhythm and tone
when we listen to music our heart tries to sync with the rhythm a slow heartbeat tells our brain something depressing or sad
a fast rhythm tells our brain that something exciting is happening
the tone affects our mood because if the piece of music is a in a major key it is going to signal cheerful communications with our brain and if the piece is in a minor key it is going to have a more eerie feel to the song
Music and Personality
many different universities and organizations have tested if the music you listen to can affect your personality
in many cases there tests have been successful
there are many different factors that can go into this testing
there are more than 100 different types of music and personality
some tests may take as little as 20 participants and others 200
Can music affect the way you act?
the types of music CAN affect how we act and feel
(personality traits/other)
limbic system
Compare Contrast Results
Music in Our Brain
releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine
reward/pleasure neurotransmitter
dopomine is released during the surges of the song and directly
our brain activates in the nucleus accumbens
responsible for pleasant surprises, or “positive prediction error”
our brain senses patterns
even if we do not know the music our brains can still have an idea what will happen next in the song

Where the Brain Processes Music
Music Therapy
music is sometimes used before surgery to help with anxiety
music can help make people more responsive or feel better
mostly used in elderly dementia
although some music can help with creativity there are also things that will prevent it
if the music is too loud it will be distracting and over stimulating for the brain to concentrate
if the music is too quiet then it will have little to no affect
a medium volume just enough for a strong background will boost the creativity even more
The Wichita Eagle

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