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( Talent Code Book )

group presentation - ESL 2012

Maha 2014

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of ( Talent Code Book )

Talent Code Not ordinary practice.

Highly targeted.

Error focused process.

Build skills. Vladimir Horowitz Deep Practice "If I skip practice for one day, I notice. If I skip practice for two days, my wife notices. If I skip for three days, the world notices." the Sweet Spot Talent Hotbeds are mysterious places, and the most mysterious thing about them is that they bloom without warning.

Deep Practice Why do we have to understand the human brain and the myelin sheet?

How did Albert Einsten become a talented scientist?

How did Tom Brady become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL? The Human Brain and Myelin http://www.funderstanding.com/brain/right-brain-vs-left-brain/ The central nervous system is divided into two major parts:
1-The brain: contains nerve cells (neurons) The Nervous System in Human Body http://www.columbia.edu/cu/psychology/courses/1010/mangel 2-The spinal cord: is about 43 cm long in adult women and 45 cm long in adult men.
Connects directly to the medulla section of the brain.
Receives sensory messages and sends them to the brain and Sends motor messages from the brain. The Nervous System in Human Body The Revolution in Deep Practice It is the insulating sheath surrounding nerve cell, the white matter coating our nerves, enabling them to conduct impulses between the brain and other parts of the body.
The substance surrounding most nerve fibers, speeds the transmission of nerve impulses to other parts of the body. The loss of myelin can slow or even block these impulses leading to a number of symptoms. What is Myelin Myelin The Myelin chemical does play a big role in how well we improve what we are doing

But at the same time, what more practice does is that it makes us more ready to simply do well

For example, we can have better eye control, better sensory aspects but also better memory (Ch 2, pg. 39) Role of Myelin Rebuild-Myelin-Sheath (neurons) One Myelin
An important concept that is also mentioned is that of myelin and speed
Myelin acts more like that entity that helps to “accelerate” (Ch 2, pg. 41) the messages in the brain
This leads to increased speeds & “decreased refractory time” (Ch 2, pg. 41) with the end result of practice. Speed http://people.eku.edu/ritchisong/301notes2.htm It can travel along axons at speeds of 0.1-100 m/s. This means that nerve impulses can get from one part of a body to another in a few milliseconds, which allows for fast responses to stimuli. The speed is affected by many factors.
The Myelin sheath acts as a good electrical insulator. How Fast are Nerve Impulses? Experiment (Rat in Maze) 1 The firing of the circuit is ESSENTIAL …..deep practice is assisted…..attentive, hungry, and focused, even desperate
Myelin is universal…..One size fits all skills…..myelin doesn’t care who you are – it cares what you do
Myelin wraps – it doesn’t unwrap
Age matters. Myelin operates by a few fundamental principles. While we are practicing, the chapter makes the point that it should be “targeted”
Our brains should be focused on sending the right “electrical impulses” (Ch 2, pg. 36) and that could improve the task that we are doing
In each circuit, there is input data that we need to “correctly process” and the end output is the task that is to be done Targeted Practice Strong Myelin Practice is very important

The more we practice, the more myelin could be produced

When more myelin if produced, it helps to:
Speed up brain processing
Circuits get fired up very fast
We use our inputs, process them correctly and end up having right
results,But with age, myelin production could slow down Recap of Main Points Excellence is a habit.
—Aristotle The Brontes, the Z-Boys,
and the Renaissance THE GIRLS FROM NOWHERE Brontës unlike that of the little books of the Bronte sisters or the futsal courts of Brazil. From a deep-practice point of view, the empty swimming pool created a world not Z-boys Prosperity, which provided money and markets to support art

Peace, which provided the stability to seek artistic and philosophical progress

Freedom, which liberated artists from state or religious control

Social mobility, which allowed talented poor people to enter the arts

The paradigm thing, which brought new perspectives and mediums that created a wave of originality and expression. Renaissance Arts myelin doesn't care about who you are.
It only cares about what you do. THE MICHELANGELO
SYSTEM "If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery," Michelangelo later said, "it would not seem so wonderful at all." MYELIN
Why do breast-fed babies have higher IQs?
Because the fatty acids in breast milk are the building blocks of myelin.

Why did Michael Jordan retire?
his myelin started to break down with age, even his muscles didn't change

Why was puny Cro-Magnon man able to survive, when bigger, stronger, larger-brained Neanderthals died out?
Because Cro-Magnons had more myelin

Why can horses walk immediately on being born while humans take a year?
A horse is born with its muscles already myelinated, online, and ready to go.
A baby's muscles, on the other hand, don't get myelinated for a year or so, and the circuits get optimized only with practice Ludwig van Beethoven They have a great talent and potentiality when they born;

They lived in a good environment which can help them to growth there talent. We are myelin beings Important Points Three big rules are that
We should keep trying, its ok to fail but then we will make less failures later on
As children grow up, they will see what is known as a big jump in their “skill level” (Textbook, 75)
This is the how both talent but also how natural growth takes place in set stages among children Progression The Three Rules of Deep Practice It is often through chunking that our brains can take snapshots of chunked words and store them in memory
So if words aren’t in order, we could take less time to figure them out
Imitation also goes hand in hand with chunking
We look at something such as a song, and then imitate it many times till it gets stored in our memories
Then we will become better at imitating and recalling it in the future Chunking Our lives are often very fast paced
Therefore, sometimes it could be more efficient for us to slow down
When we slow down, we can absorb more information
That information also gets stores in our memories better as part of our “learning process” (Textbook, 85)
More importantly, through slowing down, we also “attend more closely to errors” (Textbook, 85)
Therefore we end up making fewer mistakes Process of Slowing Down The Deep Practice Cell the "When we see people practice effectively, we usually describe it with
words like willpower or focus.
But those words don’t quite fit, because they don’t capture the
ice-climbing privacy of the event.
They are purposely operating at the edges of their ability, so they will screw up.
And somehow screwing up is making them better!" Do you Know the relationship between hotbeds and growing talent ?

They have found a way to increase their learning.
" kind of training deep practice" Brazil produces great players because since the 1950s,
Brazilian players have trained in a particular way, with
a particular tool that improves ball-handling skill faster
than anywhere else in the world! "We tend to think of our memory as a tape recorder,
but that’s wrong. It’s a living build, a scaffold of
nearly infinite size. The more we generate impulses,
encountering and overcoming difficulties, the more scaffolding we build,
the faster we learn."
"It’s all about finding the sweet spot.
There’s an optimal gap between what you know and
what you’re trying to do.
When you find the sweet spot, learning takes off". A top Brazilian player spends thousands of hours at the game!! Clarissa I agree with this!! The First Time Cooking The talent is practices
and the practices is talent ! Life of Charlotte Brontë
Elizabeth Gaskell The Brontës
Juliet Barker Truth Genius Explained craft guilds imitation Opinion ! deep practice natural talent Maha Yesser Jia Thank you for listening (= Every greet Brazilian player played futsal as a kid, first in the neighborhood and later at Brazil's soccer academies, where from ages seven to around twelve the typically devoted three days a week to futsal. Vladimir Horowitz was an American classical pianist and composer.
His technique and use of tone color and the excitement of his playing were legendary.
He is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century.

Error focused process. Not ordinary practice Highly targeted Build skills
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