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No description

Jian Chen Lyu

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of LIT-醫定藥健康

International medical and pharmacy service team蔡世軒、侯孜穎、張育晴、蔡佳洵、蕭鈞皓、呂建宸 醫定藥健康—國際醫藥服務隊 目的The Goal 感謝各位,歡迎拾起行囊,加入我們的行列 我們搭飛機~~來段模擬飛行吧!!Get there by plan 我們怎麼去?How to get there? The document of our plan...before we launch. 出發總要有計畫--企劃書 7/10~7/20會期Duration
7/20~7/25會後遊Post Travel 簡單介紹行程The simple schedule Welcome to join us :)) 組織 The organation 食膳專區About Food 請見以下連結^^
Press the link http://sdrv.ms/WrHwcc 請見以下連結^^
Press the link http://sdrv.ms/15TBSB6 報名網址:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DnHu-DSb-zK9yaAgwrPBdvara4tDbLD6jO4LuyYs2U8/viewform 宣傳宣傳~~~~
Advertisement 歡樂早餐時間
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