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Once Upon a Time

The big project

Brian van der Poll

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Once Upon a Time

Mr. Gold
Emma Swan
The Sheriff of Storybrooke
The savior of Storybrooke
Role in Story
Protagonist- She is the savior of Storybrooke. She is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and she is the person prophesied to break the curse on the town
Sheriff- Emma becomes a deputy for the sheriff's department in 'The Price of Gold' and is elected Sheriff when the previous sheriff Graham, is killed in 'The Heart of The Lonely Hunter'
As Emma's character is developed we see that she is a person who is pure of heart. She is not a perfect person however. Emma is a very rough and often cynical character who was raised as a foster child and never had any familial bonds. However, as she lives in Storybrooke, she becomes a much less hard and unforgiving person as she forms relationships with people in the town, particularly with her son Henry. This shows us more of her true nature as she changes.
Emma Swan is a very individual character. She most often found wearing a red leather jacket and a sheriff's badge. She does not wear any uniform denoting her occupation, except for a sheriffs badge she wears at her hip. She has blonde hair and wears it down.
Dynamics with Other Characters
As the sheriff of Storybrooke Emma interacts with most of the other characters in the town. In the episode 'Desperate Souls' the townspeople's general sentiment towards her is positive. They elect her because of her honesty and that she isn't willing to cheat her way to victory, she also has the backbone to stand up to Mr. Gold, even though he is the most powerful man in the town.

Emma's relationship with Mary Margret is that of a friend, the two of them are close friends and they share an apartment for a long time. Her relationship with Regina Hill is entirely negative however. The two of them are often at odds with each other and are in constant conflict over Emma's son Henry, who was adopted by Regina. They disagree over the role Emma should have in Henry's life, with Regina wanting Emma gone entirely. The two however can put aside their differences occasionally and work together in a professional capacity.
Character Development
Emma is a dynamic character. In fact the story requires her to be a dynamic character. If Emma never changed she would never believe in the curse and break the curse in the end. We see Emma change from an isolated individual to a person who has genuine bonds with other people.
Regina Mills
Mayor of Storybrooke
Queen of the Enchanted Forest
Role in the Story
Antagonist- Regina as the Queen is the one who cast the curse on the land. She is the adoptive mother of Emma's son Henry.
Mayor- With the curse she makes herself Mayor and has much control in the town.
Regina is an incredibly manipulative and controlling woman. She is not able to handle a situation where she is not in control, it runs contrary to her nature. She can often be needlessly cruel by jealously guards those she is close too.
Regina's appearance is very indicative of her personality.
Dark personality-Dark clothing
Her clothing has a very stern color to it, which is similar to Regina herself, she has a very stern and professional manner. She almost never acts in a passionate manner, except when Emma interacts with her son.
Dynamics with Other characters
Regina is incredibly controlling and has some manner of control over most of the citizens in Storybrooke. Most of the people are terrified of her so few are willing to stand against her.

One person who isn't willing to be controlled by her is Emma. To make matters worse, Emma has a more meaningful relationship with Henry than Regina herself has.

Another person who isn't controlled by Regina is Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold is the one person who has more power in Storybrooke than her. This fact alone makes the two enemies. They also have different goals. Regina wants the curse to separate Prince Charming and Snow White and make everyone miserable, while she has control over them all. Mr. Gold wants to be the most influential person in Storybrooke, and if he can, depose the Queen. He also has motives to destroy the curse so he can access his power as the Dark One
Character Development
Regina is a static character in Once Upon a Time. She is and always will be controlling and manipulative. Her being a static character does not mean that she has not changed. In the episode the Stable Boy we see Regina move from being a loving caring person to the domineering woman she is. The change was forced upon her by her mother and made her what she was.
Mr. Gold
Pawn Shop owner
Landlord of most of Storybrooke
Dark One
Role in Story
Mr. Gold is the owner of a Pawnshop and is the most powerful man in Storybrooke.
He is also Rumpelstiltskin but has no memory of this in the beginning
Mr. Gold's personality is that of an unscrupulous business man. He trusts no one and uses everyone. He likes to manipulate people without their knowing. An example of this is when he gets Emma elected Sheriff by knowing she would tell the truth about his efforts to make her look better.
Mr. Gold always appears in a suit regardless of when he is seen. He always dresses like a businessman. He walks with a limp and so uses a cane to move anywhere. This gives him air of authority. Whenever he stands with his cane he manages to stand in a posture exuding confidence.
Dynamics With other Characters
Mr. Gold is one of the most hated people in Storybrooke. He is the landlord for the majority of people and can force people to do as he says or he has the ability to evict them. Over the course of season one he manipulates his tenants multiple times to force them to do his bidding. for this reason he is also one of the most feared people in Storybrooke.

Mr. Gold is an almost neutral party in the fight between Emma and Regina. Both women come to him several times for help. He only helps people when it suits his purposes and often his help is the difference between success and failure.
Character Development
Rumpelstiltskin is a static character. His character itself doesn't change. Only our perception of him does. Rumpelstiltskin is a key player in the story so we come to know his character better than most. We learn about his motivations for becoming the Dark One, he did it to protect his family. A motivation most people can understand. We also see he is not a complete monster when he has a relationship with Belle, even if it wasn't long lived.
Regina's Castle
When Regina becomes the queen of her own kingdom she lives in a very dark castle that is bedecked in her favorite colours of grey and black. The castle reflects the queen herself, it is a dark and brooding place. In the castle the textures are very sharp, they aren't welcoming. There is very little that is soft or friendly looking about her castle, the castle's architecture does not give off a comfortable atmosphere and the sharp texture of the building is very edgy. The low amount of light in the castle gives the viewer a sense of foreboding and that feeling is typically followed up on. The castle is most often lit with by fire and candlelight which cast's shadows on the characters, making them appear darker than they otherwise would. Humans often associate night and darkness with evil and danger. This gives the viewer a sense of danger and the dark setting sets the stage for the often malicious undertakings that happen in the castle.
The above scene takes place in the episode 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'. Regina is making a deal with the huntsman to kill Snow White. The dark setting reflects the morbid conversation they partake in.
The picture on the right is also from 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter' and takes place at the end of the episode. The occurs shortly before the Queen tears out the hunters heart for his disobedience. The dark colours and subdued lighting indicate to the viewer that something bad will happen in the scene.
Rumpelstiltskin's Castle
Rumpelstiltskin's Castle is the setting for several scenes in Once Upon a Time. It is most often seen as a dark place, but not outright evil. The castle is large and open but in places like the castles' dinning room there are carpets and tapestries that counteract the usual dispirited look of a castle. The large curtains for example are a deep red and don't suggest in the slightest that it is a dangerous place to be. On the other hand the castle can also become a much more dark place.
In the above picture Belle is sitting talking with Rumpelstiltskin about his history and family. The scene takes place in Rumpelstiltskin's castle in the episode 'Skin Deep'. The scene is very bright and welcoming, reflecting the tone of the conversation the two are having. The colours and lighting utterly lack the ominous tone typically associated with negative moments in the TV show.
The picture shown across is from the episode 'A still Small Voice' and occurs during the scene where Jiminy makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin for poison to kill his parents. The dark setting gives an the viewer an immediate sense of 'wrongness'. The various alchemical apparatuses also lend to the tone of the scene, it suggest the viewers to wonder why Jiminy Cricket needs a 'chemists' help to rid himself of his parents.
Granny's Diner
In Once Upon a Time most episodes have at least one scene that takes place in Granny's Diner. The Diner is a place of dialogue and a meeting place in Storybrooke. Granny's diner is neutral ground considering most characters go there but very seldom does actual conflict take place there. The setting reflects this in that it is a very nondescript place. The setting doesn't reflect any of the people who go there, it doesn't favor any character above another. The setting doesn't make anyone more powerful by virtue of the fact none of the patrons lay claim to it.
The picture to the left is Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret eating in Granny's Dinner in the episode 'Snow Falls'. They are discussing the then comatose David and Henry tries to convince Mary he is her 'True Love'. The setting is rather plain and other than the bright light shining through the window the setting doesn't indicate anything.
The above scene is from episode 'The Poisonous Tree' and takes place as Emma dons an unusually defeatist attitude. She resigns herself to failure after slipping up and making a fool of herself in City Council. The setting does not really reflect the scene in that if it was it would look more depressing. As it is the setting is neutral to the affair taking place in it.
Point of View
In the TV show Once Upon a Time the story is told in a limited omniscient point of view. The viewers can be shown anything at anytime and are not limited to any single person's point of view. The point of view changes frequently throughout the show but often a character will receive more attention than other depending on the episode. For example in the episode 'Hat-trick' much of the story is told from the perspective of the Mad Hatter. The point of view floats around but there is a bias towards him in that particular episode because much of the subject matter is about him and his story.
Point of View
The point of view is also expressed with camera angles. Camera angles can be used to express point of view and can give the viewer a sense of where people stand in regards to one another. A camera angle that it level with the subject suggests that the viewers are seeing things from the subjects point of view. A camera angle that looks down on a character is called a high shot and suggests that the subject is lonely or less powerful if there is someone looking down on them. A low camera angle gives the opposite affect. It makes the subject appear more powerful and is often used slightly to make villains appear taller and more sinister. A subjective camera angle is one that represents what the subject is seeing, so often landscapes are subjective camera angles.
Point of View and Camera Angles
In 'Once Upon a Time' the theme of 'true love is stronger than anything' is extremely prevalent. The idea was quoted by Rumpelstiltskin himself, an expert in the field of magic and one of the most powerful men in the Enchanted Forest when he said 'True love is the strongest of magics.' The sentiment is also agreed upon by Prince Charming and Snow White, who are both of the opinion that True Love can triumph against any curse. The dark curse which Regina employed was used to take away Prince Charming and Snow Whites happiness by separating them and breaking apart their true love for one another. However, the curse is broken in the end of season one when Emma's true love for Henry manifests itself. She kisses him on the forehead and in the words of Prince Charming 'True loves kiss can break anything.' so the curse is broken. Another example of this is found in the episode 'Skin Deep' when Belle kisses Rumpelstiltskin. 'True loves kiss' takes effect on Rumpelstiltskin and the power of the Dark One's mantle starts to be destroyed. Unfortunately for him, the paranoid nature of Rumpelstiltskin takes over and he pulls away, afraid to lose his power. The theme of true love is stronger than anything is very evident in the majority of episodes and is a central theme of the story.
In the story Once Upon a Time the central conflict is the struggle between good and evil. However, this conflict of good-vs-evil often takes on different shapes and is fought using 'pawns'. Most often these pawns in the struggle between good and evil are people so, the conflict becomes man-vs-man. Specifically in the case of Regina and Emma the conflict is woman-vs-woman. The two women are constantly at odds, the conflict between them often has to do with Henry, Emma's son and Regina's adopted child. To make matters between them worse, Emma is the saviour of Storybrooke, she is the person prophesied to break the queens curse. This makes her the automatic enemy of Regina, the matter of Henry aside. The two women fight over most things and if possible take opposite sides in a fight simply to spite each other.
Emma in Once Upon a Time is a prime example of the conflict between nature and nurture. Due to her being raised in the foster system, Emma is in all likelihood a much different person as apposed to if she was raised by Snow White. So her upbringing or the nurture aspect of her upbringing is the primary reason her personality is different from that of her parents. Where Snow White and Prince Charming are trusting and loving, Emma is much more suspicious and often slow to build relationships. This is due to her being very jaded, she became a much more hard-hearted person than she would otherwise be. The foster system and being an orphan molded Emma into the suspicious and closed person she is. If we look at her parents, this is probably against her nature because her personality runs so contrary to her parents.
In once upon a time the conflict of man-vs-self is most readily found in the character Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin was originally a peasant and the village coward known for being craven on the battlefield. However he was rapidly elevated to the position of Dark One, making him the most powerful man in the Enchanted forest. With this power came a price, the mantle of Dark One came with power but corrupt power. The more he used his new strength the more it began to take control of him and make him a twisted person. Eventually, the only good left inside him was the love he bore for his son Baelfire. When Baelfire disappeared the good inside him did not entirely evaporate. He still carries a remnant of the good inside him and it keeps him anchored from being completely consumed by dark magic.
A symbol seen in Once Upon a Time is Rumpelstiltskin's dagger. The dagger symbolizes his primary weakness, it is his desire and love of power. Despite his positive motivations for gaining power, desire for it became a dependency. Rumpelstiltskin had for the majority of his life never held any power over anyone. When the soldiers came to press-gang Baelfire his need for power became a desperation. Rumpelstiltskin stole the dagger and stabbed the previous Dark One, taking up that mantle and becoming one of the most powerful people in the land. As he acclimated to his new position he became more and more paranoid. In the episode "The Return" we see this paranoia reach a point where he kills a mute maid for "telling" people about the dagger. He clings to his knife as he clings to his power, jealously and unscrupulously killing anyone who poses a threat, real or otherwise. The dagger acts as a symbol of this, he protects it and his power above anything, as we see at the end of the "Return" he chooses his magical strength over his own son, the person he sought to protect in the first place. The dagger symbolizes his greatest weakness, his love of power is so strong he leaves his own son in order to keep it.
In Once Upon a Time a prominent example of symbolism is the clock tower found in the town center. The tower is a symbol of change, the beginning of the end of Regina's reign. At the end of the first episode, after Emma had entered town and decides to stay, the clock tower begins to tick. The clock tower had never before moved, in the history of the town. From the time Regina brought the people from their world into Storybrooke till the day Emma came to Storybrooke, the clock had never moved. When Emma decided to stay in Storybrooke to spend time with her son, the clock tower finally started to move. Emma, being the saviour of the enchanted town was the catalyst that set things in motion. The clock tower reflects the change that Emma brings to Storybrooke, as she starts the process to remove the curse, the clock tower acts in tandem to this and starts to tick.
Prince Charming gives Snow White a ring when the two become married. The ring that he gives her becomes a symbol of their true love for each other. In multiple episodes Prince Charming or Snow White say "I will always find you" to each other. This statement means two things, firstly it means 'I will go however far I need to go to get to you' and secondly that 'nothing will separate our love.' The ring that James gives to Snow symbolizes this. In Storybrooke where Mary Margaret and David are separated by a curse that was designed to break them apart, Mary Margaret still has and wears the ring that she was given by James. The ring is a symbol of James' promise to find her, it symbolizes their love and its ability to transcend anything, their 'true love' for each other. The fact that she still wears the ring, even though she has no recollection of him is significant because it proves they still have feelings for each other.
Rising Action
Descending Action
The Thing you Love the Most
Snow Falls
The Price of Gold
That Still Small Voice
The Shepard
The Heart is A Lonely Hunter
Desperate Souls
True North
7:15 am
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
Skin Deep
What Happened to Frederick
Heart of Darkness
Hat trick
The Stable Boy
The Return
The Stranger
An Apple Red as blood
A Land Without Magic
In the short stories unit of English 20-1 the class watched the first season of the TV show "Once Upon a Time". The assignment was given for students to see if all the elements of short stories are found in the TV show and subsequently to find whether or not television can be a form of short story. Over the course of a month the class watched the TV series in class and worked on their projects for the most part at home. The project was open ended in that students could choose one of many different mediums to present their projects in. For my own assessment of Once Upon a Time I chose to create a Prezi. Over the course of two to three weeks I have found that Once Upon a Time does in fact contain all the elements of short story and present my assessment in this Prezi.
In this episode James and Snow meet each other for the first time. They meet when Snow steals jewelry from James and he tries to get it back. He wins her trust and they have to fight for their lives when betrayed by trolls. The two become interested in one another at the end. In Storybrooke a comatose man whom Mary Margaret takes care of in the hospital wakes up and wanders off. Mary enlists Emma's help and the two go out and find him. They find him at a toll bridge and rescue him. When they return Mary Margaret is dissapointed to find out there is a 'Mrs. John Doe' and Emma moves in with Mary.
In this installment of Once Upon a Time we are introduced to Cinderella who makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to escape the poverty of peasant hood. She agrees to give him anything he desires and goes on to win the heart of a prince. Much later Cinderella finds herself pregnant with the Princes child and Rumpelstiltskin names the child as his price. She tries to maneuver her way out of the deal but in the process looses her husband instead of child. In Storybrooke Emma helps a pregnant girl named Ella who owes a debt to Mr. Gold. Ella tries to leave town with her child but starts to have the child. Emma arranges a deal with Mr. Gold so Ella can keep her child.
The audience is introduced to Jiminy Cricket, he is a poor gypsy. His parents force him to steal and eventually he wants to stop. They wont let him so he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to rid himself of his parents. He tries to give them the poison from Rumpelstiltskin but they found out and poisoned someone else. A boy named Gepetto comes home and his parents are gone. Jiminy makes amends by becoming a cricket and acts as the conscience of the orphaned boy. In Storybrooke Henry wants to prove to Emma the curse is real. He goes into a mineshaft to find proof of Regina's evil. His therapist Doc. Hopper follows him in and they both become trapped. Doc. Hopper talks with Henry about Regina and how he wants to be a better person. The two are rescued by Emma who got a job as a deputy and life returns to Storybrooke in the form of crickets chirping.
In this episode a lot of the focus is on the back story of Prince Charming. In a fight a man who looks like James is killed in a fight against a barbarian. His father the king needed him to slay a dragon for a ransom to fund the kingdom. The king is approached by Rumpelstiltskin who says that there is a twin brother. James is taken from his rural home and brought along to slay the dragon. After the majority of knights are massacred James kills the dragon with a lucky blow. He is then forced to marry Midas' daughter to receive the payment. In Storybrooke a romance has bloomed between Mary Margaret and David. The two meet in secret but David says he has a responsibility to his wife and says they shouldn't be together. Mary leaves him furious at being led on.
This episode focuses on the Sheriff Graham. In the Enchanted Forest Regina recruits a hunter raised by wolves to kill Snow White w. The hunter agrees to the contract and heads out to with Snow White to escort her. He springs his trap as they travel but Snow White escapes. He is impressed by her bravery and spares her life. He returns to the Queen and she takes his heart and makes him a servant. In Storybrooke Graham the sheriff has identity issues and learns the truth of the curse from Henry. He goes to Regina's fathers mausoleum with Emma and looks for his heart. Regina finds them and confronts them and Graham leaves Regina. Regina goes to a crypt under the grave and uses Grahams heart to kill him. Graham dies in Emma's arms after they kiss.
Desperate Souls is primarily focused on the back ground of Rumpelstiltskin and how he came to be. The story starts during the Ogre Wars with Rumpelstiltskin being a poor wool spinner with a young son. His son is going to be press ganged into the dukes ranks to fight in the war and Rumpelstiltskin wants to avoid this at all costs. He tries to leave the duchy with his son but they are intercepted by knights and forced back. Rumpelstiltskin hears of a way to obtain the powers of the dark one, a dark wizard, from an old vagabond. He sets fire to a castle and steals a dagger. He uses it to control the dark one and stabs the dark one with the dagger. It turns out to be the vagabond and Rumpelstiltskin becomes the new dark one. He saves his son from the knights and they leave. In Storybrooke Emma is fired from the position of deputy by Regina but with Mr. Golds help runs for Sheriff. Mr. Gold tries to get Emma to cheat her way into a victory but she exposes the truth and leaves during a debate for Sheriff. Her honesty gets her elected as was Mr. Golds plan all along.
True North is the Story of Hansel and Gretel. The two become lost in the woods and are found by Regina. Regina uses the children to steal an enchanted apple from another witch but things go awry and they are captured. The two free themselves and bring the apple to Regina. She betrays their deal and dumps the siblings in a forest instead of leading them to their father. In Storybrooke Emma becomes aware of two orphans. She tries to help them but Regina wants to deport them to an orphanage in Boston. Emma helps them by having their father come and adopt them. The audience is introduced to a mysterious biker who comes to town at the end of the episode.
The episode 7:15 am is about the romance between Snow White and Prince Charming. The Snow White wants to forget about James because she loves him but can't be with him. She goes to Rumpelstiltskin and makes a deal for a potion to forget him. Before she uses it James get a letter to Snow saying he wants to meet her. She tries to meet him but is caught and thrown in the dungeon before she can. In the dungeon she escapes with the help of the dwarves Grumpy and Stealthy. The trio make it out but Stealthy is killed and Snow trades herself for Grumpy's freedom. The king forces Snow to tell James she doesn't love him so he can marry Midas' daughter. She does and they are both incredibly saddened by it. In Storybrooke it is revealed that Mary Margaret almost stalks David around town to see him and goes to Granny's Dinner every morning at 7:15 am to see him there. Emma is introduced to the mysterious biker who names himself August and happens to be a writer. Mary finds a bird and wants to set it free during a storm but is stopped by David who takes her to a cabin for shelter. The two of them end up fighting because David's wife might be pregnant and they want to stay away from each other.
In this episode we learn about Regina's talking mirror, a former genie. The genie is discovered by a king who, wanting for nothing, frees the genie from the bottle and gives him a wish. The king invites the genie to his court and keeps him as a close adviser. The genie quickly falls in love with Regina, the kings current wife, and he gives her a gift of a mirror. The king finds out about the mirror but doesn't know who it is, so he locks Regina up. The genie kills the king at the behest of Regina to free her, but it turns out he was played for a fool. He wishes to be by her side forever, even though she doesn't love him and is trapped in the mirror he gave her. In Storybrooke Regina tears down Henry's favorite area, an old wooden castle playground. Emma goes to Cydney, an ex reporter because he has a scoop on his former employer Regina. Emma goes along with it and finds Regina was taking city funds. Emma exposes the fraudulence but is humiliated when it turns out Regina is building a play area for the towns youth. Cydney gains the trust of Emma but the audience later finds out he is still loyal to Regina.
The episode Skin Deep is primarily about Rumpelstiltskin and a princess named Belle. The story starts with a war council discussing ways to defeat the Ogres in the Ogre War. Rumpelstiltskin appears and offers his services. He will assist them in exchange for the kings daughter Belle. Despite protest she goes with him to save the kingdom. Belle gets to know Rumpelstiltskin during her time at the castle and manages to see the decent person inside him. He gives Belle the opportunity to leave and she does. She meets Regina on her way and Regina tells her about the power of true loves kiss so Belle goes back to Rumpelstiltskin. She kisses him and his powers begin to fade but before he loses his power entirely he pushes her away. He banishes her from his presence and is later told by Regina that Belle committed suicide. In Storybrooke Mr. Gold confronts a florist about unpaid debts and when the florist can't pay Mr. Gold takes his flower truck. In response Mr. Gold's house is robbed so he gets Emma the towns new Sheriff to investigate. Emma retrieves the goods but Mr. Gold says something is missing but doesn't specify. He kidnaps the florist and beats him for the object. Emma intervenes and arrests Gold. Regina finds out Gold can remember his past life as Rumpelstiltskin. She gives him the object he was looking for, a cup that was chipped by Belle in his castle. The audience is then shown that Regina has Belle locked up in an insane asylum implying that she lied to Rumpelstiltskin about Belles suicide.
This episode James helps King Midas' daughter Abigail save her true love so he doesn't have to marry her. James tries to run away from his arranged marriage to Abigail and evades all of the kings knights doing this. He is promptly caught by Abigail's knights and she tells him she doesn't want to marry him either. James learns of Frederick, Abigail's actual love who was turned to gold saving Midas from bandits. He embarks on a quest to find water that can reverse the spell and free the gold encased Frederick. James encounters a siren but is so devoted to Snow White he resists her. When the siren takes the from of Snow White he almost succumbs but manages to resist once again. The siren becomes desperate and pulls him into the water. He stabs the unsuspecting siren in the back and returns to Abigail with the magical waters. The waters free Frederick and Abigail and Frederick decide to marry. James goes off to find Snow and learns of the kings deception from Red Riding hood and vows to find Snow. In Storybrooke Mary Margaret wants David to tell his wife about their love for each other. At the last second David bails on the plan when he learns his wife is leaving for Boston. Regina informs Davids wife Catherine about the two's affair and Catherine is very upset. Catherine confronts Mary Margaret and the two fight in a school. Mary Margaret is labeled a 'homewrecker' by the town and becomes a social pariah. She blames David for not telling her and shouts at him. Catherine doesn't hold a grudge against David and tells him she's leaving for Boston because she wants to find for herself true love. Catherine's car crashes as she tries to leave and she disappears.
Dreamy is an episode about the dwarf commonly known as Grumpy and his back story. The story starts with two a fairy named Nova spilling some fairy dust as she delivers it and the dust settles on a dwarf egg. The egg prematurely hatches and a dwarf pops out, describing Nova. The dwarf overseeing the eggs passes this off as a dream and sets about preparing the dwarf for dwarfdom. He is handed a pickaxe and the name Dreamy appears on the handle, making this as his name. He goes with his seven brothers and they work in the mines. Nova appears again much later in the mines trying to collect the fairy dust, but almost loses it in a furnace. Dreamy saves it last second and is invited by her to watch fireflies outside. He joins her outside and they talk about how they want more out of their lives. They both then agree to sail away together. The next night when Dreamy tries to leave he is caught by Nova's superior and his foreman. The two tell him that he cant leave because if he does Nova will lose her wings and her life will be much less than it can be. Dreamy tells Nova that he can't leave with her, breaking her heart, so she can have a better life than otherwise. He returns to the mines with a much more jaded disposition and breaks his pickaxe. He picks up another and his name changes to Grumpy. In Storybrooke Mary Margaret tries to organize a festival to make money for the local Catholic school. Due to her status as a pariah in town people are unwilling to assist her, even Leroy, a local janitor known for his unsavory character. As Leroy walks through the town center he finds a nun in need of help and fixes her inept electrical work. He sees things in a different light and decides to help the nuns with their festival. A nun named Astrid makes a major mistake putting the nuns several thousand dollars in debt to their landlord Mr. Gold. Leroy takes it upon himself to sell hundreds of candles to make up the money. Leroy and Mary Margaret team up and try to sell the candles door to door. When they fail Leroy tries to sell his boat to Mr. Gold to make up the money. Mr. Gold turns down the offer with a scoff stating his personal dislike of the nuns. Astrid finds Leroy at his boat with all the unsold candles and leaves disappointed in him. In a last ditch effort Leroy destroys a transformer taking out all the lights on the festival ground. The townspeople confronted with the darkness buy all of the candles available and Leroy and Mary Margaret raise all the money needed.
The Once Upon a Time episode Red-Handed focuses mainly on the story of Red Riding Hood. The story starts with Red talking to her boyfriend Peter through a window. Red says goodbye as a group of peasants go up to her house and tell her grandmother they are going to hunt a huge wolf that has been eating their sheep. The next morning Red finds Snow White in her barn and agrees to help Snow White who goes under the guise of Mary, is a fugitive. The two go down to the well to fetch water and discover the mangled bodies of the wolf hunting peasants. The two follow the tracks to Red's own window and they think that Peter is the wolf. They attend a town meeting later and Granny tells everyone about how the wolf cannot be killed. With Snow White posing as her in bed to trick granny Red heads out to tell Peter that he is the wolf. Red chains Peter to a tree so he can't hurt her and they wait for nightfall. Granny discovers their deception and tells Snow that Red is in fact the wolf. The two show up to late to save Peter but manage to capture and subdue Red by placing her in the Red cloak. The cloaks magic keeps her from being transformed and they run away as a horde of angry villagers approach. In the Storybrooke portion of the story Catherine has disappeared and David is the prime suspect. David's behavior degenerates and he begins to enter trances searching for Catherine. Ruby has a fall out with her Grandmother as she wants to become more independent. She gets a job at the Sheriffs office as a secretary as she looks for other work. David thinks he is responsible for Catherine's disappearance as he fades in and out of consciousness and has huge memory lapses. Emma sends Ruby to the toll bridge to see if she can find anything and Ruby finds a box with a human heart in it. David is certain he is guilty but Regina comes in and tells them that fingerprint evidence incriminates another suspect, Mary Margaret.
In the episode Heart of Darkness the primary subject is James trying to find Snow White. Snow White however drinks the potion given to her by Rumpelstiltskin to forget James and her demeanor changes. Snow White vows to kill the Queen so she goes to Rumpelstiltskin and obtains a bow and arrow to achieve this. James intercepts her as she journeys to kill the Queen and tries to kiss her and break the curse. However, she no longer remembers him and therefore doesn't love him. She beats him senseless after the kiss and carries on. When she finally is within range of the Queen, James blocks the arrow with his own body to stop her from becoming evil. So overcome by the self sacrificing gesture she loves him again and the spell is broken. Shortly thereafter James is captured by the kings knights and arrested. In Storybrooke the situation deteriorates when Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret. Mr. Gold steps in to act as Mary Margaret's lawyer when even more evidence against Mary Margaret is found. David has visions of Snow White when she wants to kill the queen and talks to Mary about it. She becomes furious at him for his lack of faith in her. When she finds a key to the cell under her bed Mary Margaret runs away.
Hat Trick chronicles the story of the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter has a daughter and lives in relative poverty with her. He is offered a job by Regina to make more money to care for his daughter and accepts after some persuasion. He uses his hat to create a portal to Wonderland where he and Regina steal a persons heart from the Queen of Hearts. They blast their way through the maze the hearts are kept in and quickly make their escape. Regina uses magic to make her father grow from the heart and traps the Mad Hatter in Wonderland as the two escape. The Mad Hatter is brought before the Queen of Hearts and forced to make hats until he can create another portal to Regina's world. In Storybrooke Emma searches for Mary Margaret and ends up almost driving over a man on the road. She drives the man home and goes into his house. He offers her a cup of coffee and drugs her when she drinks it. When she awakes she discovers Mary Margaret was also kidnapped by the man but before a rescue is undertaken Emma is taken away at gunpoint. The man wants her to make a hat for him because he is of the belief she is magical. The moment Emma gets the chance she escapes and releases Mary Margaret, the two of them fight the mad hatter and he loses the fight. The two of them return to the Sheriff's office and Mary returns to her cell. Regina talks to Mr. Gold and the audience discovers that the key was a part of Mr. Gold's plan.
The Stable boy is an episode that tells the story of why Regina became the evil lady that she is. The story starts with Regina's mother Cora being disappointed in Regina for not being ladylike enough. Regina then rescues a little girl named Snow White from an out of control horse while out for a horse ride with Daniel. Daniel the stable boy is the boy that Regina is in love with. Snow Whites father then asks for Regina's hand in marriage because he thinks she cares for his daughter. When Regina plans to run away with Daniel, Snow White stumbles upon them and runs off. Regina catches up and manages to get Snow White to keep it a secret. Cora however, suspects something is odd and manages to coax the information out of Snow White. Cora confronts the two lovers as they try to leave and murders Daniel for the supposed good of Regina. Regina then permanently holds a grudge against Snow White. In Storybrooke the case against Mary Margaret becomes almost a sure thing. Mr. Gold actively works against Mary Margaret and she very nearly accuses herself of the crime. The case falls apart however when Catherine is found alive in a parking lot so Mary Margaret is set free.
The episode The Return focuses primarily on Rumpelstiltskin and the events that happen shortly after the episode Desperate Souls. Rumpelstiltskin's son Baelfire notices severe changes in his fathers attitude and wants things to be back to the way they were before he was the Dark One. Baelfire makes his father promise that if they can safetly remove his power they would. To that effect Baelfire gets the help of the Blue Fairy and the fairy gives him a bean that will allow him to go to a land without magic. However, when the portal is opened Rumpelstiltskin cannot bring himself to give up his power. So Baelfire is taken away to a different world leaving Rumpelstiltskin alone and full of regret.
In Storybrooke August works with Henry to try and get Rumpelstiltskin's knife. Their plan fails though and Mr. Gold becomes suspicious of August. Mr. Gold gathers information on August and eventually comes to believe that August is actually his son Baelfire. The two meet at night and August tricks Mr. Gold into showing him the dagger. He tries to use the dagger to control Mr. Gold but due to the lack of magic it is ineffective and his ruse is destroyed. Emma tries to formulate a case against Regina but she gets Cydney to confess in her place foiling Emma's plans.
In the episode The Stranger the portion that takes place in the Enchanted forest focuses on the story of Pinocchio. The story starts with Pinocchio and Geppetto on a boat in a storm and Pinocchio gives Geppetto the only life vest so he survives when they capsize. As a reward for his bravery Pinocchio becomes a real boy. When Geppetto is tasked with making a wardrobe to transport the saviour from the curse. He does it only on the condition and that is that Pinocchio can travel through as well. When Snow White has the child prematurely he refuses to give up Pinocchio's place and instead tasks Pinocchio with taking care of the saviour. In Storybrooke August desperately tries to make Emma believe in the curse. He eventually takes her to the place where she was found and he proves he was the boy who found her. He even goes to the length of showing her his wooden limbs but her unbelief keeps her from seeing it. Emma says she has trust issues and that relying on her is a mistake. August gives up and Emma picks up Henry and plans for them to run away together.
In the episode An Apple Red as Blood the focus is primarily on Snow White and Prince Charming's romance. James was about to be executed by the king but was instead given over to Regina to use. Snow White attacks the castle with her friends and take it over. When she gets to the dungeon she discovers him missing and communicates to David through a mirror. The Queen then makes a deal to parley to avoid further life loss. The deal the queen proposes to Snow is that she must eat from a poisoned apple and sleep forever or James dies. Snow makes the sacrifice and Regina gloats in victory. In Storybrooke Regina decides that she needs to be rid of Emma forever. To do this she gets the Mad Hatter to help her get the poisoned apple from her world through a small portal. They succeed and Regina bakes the apple into a tart to give to Emma.
A Land Without magic is the climax of the story and it is also the finale. Due to Once Upon a Time being a TV show the descending action and resolution components aren't found in the first season, only in the last season of the show. Therefore the last episode of the first season is the climax of the story up to that point. In the episode itself the queen then decides to execute James regardless of her deal with Snow White, but he escapes into the endless forest. With the assistance of Rumpelstiltskin James finds Snow White and wakes her from the spell. For Rumpelstiltskin's assistance however, James had to put a large portion of a love potion inside of Maleficent the dragon. In Storybrooke when Henry collapses, Emma finally believes in the curse. Mr. Gold uses Emma and Regina's desperation to retrieve the potion from the dragon, making them think it is for Henry. Mr. Gold takes the potion after Emma slays the dragon and runs away with it. Emma and Regina give up and go to mourn Henry. Emma kisses Henry on the forehead and true loves kiss breaks the curse.
In the episode The Thing You Love the Most Regina tries to put together the curse to cast on Snow White and Prince Charming. She goes to another witch named Maleficent and takes a recipe for a curse from her. Regina try's to make the curse work but is unable to. She consults the creator of the curse and he says she needs to use the heart of the thing she loves the most. For the second try she tears out her fathers heart and the curse works. In Storybrooke Emma becomes aclimated to life in Storybrooke and stays in a room at Granny's Inn. Regina starts a public smear campaign against her and as a result Granny is forced to evict Emma. In retaliation Emma cuts down an apple tree belonging to Regina and gives no ground to Regina in the exchange.
The Pilot episode of Once Upon a Time is the exposition of the series. It introduces many of the characters and gives viewers an introduction to the series. The Pilot episode covers what happens in the start of the story, Prince Charming and Snow White get married but Regina comes in last second and promises to unleash a curse that would destroy their happiness. Then it goes to the magic wardrobe that can transport one person through to the next world not cursed. The one person who has to do this is the child of Prince Charming and Snow White who we learn is Emma. In our world Emma is introduced to the world of Storybrooke through Henry. Henry leads Emma to Storybrooke and in the end convinces her to stay in town.
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