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Hommage a un projet


Gyula Somlai

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Hommage a un projet

In 2010, at an international Danube-Strategy conference in Brussels several speakers made reference to certain 'changes of color' of the Danube reaching back to the darkest days of the history of Central Europe during the period of WW .
The year of 2010 has brought upon a new, current positive change of color. The legendary BLUE DANUBE may now reappear. It was in August 2010 when the new Budapest sewage treatment facility was put into operation.
There had been an ugly sore
in the middle section of the
most appreciated Blue Ribbon of Europe,
related to Budapest, the most beautiful
capital-city of the world.
To illustrate
this enormous quantity,
I have made a figure of comparison:
a proportionally scaled tank truck
beside the tower
of the Ulm Cathedral.
Consequently, a long section of the majestic Danube was being polluted.
H u n g a r y h a s a c q u i r e d i t s 'a d m i s s i o n c e r t i f i c a t e' t o t h e 'D a n u b e C l u b'
The sewage problem of Budapest
dates back to several decades. The City began to tackle it as early as in the 1960s. Throughout the period of 30 years, many plans had been drawn up, but have only remained plans...
The breakthrough came with
Hungary’s accession
to the EU in 2004.
An EU Commission Decision was signed at the end of that year, through which a new waste water treatment plant was to be co-financed by the EU
(i.e. the European citizens)
Finally, I must pay tribute to those
taking part in the implementation of the project. An enormous team of engineers, water experts, administrators, and many others had been making extraordinary efforts during 8 years in order to implement the plant and its connected facilities. The Élőduna project has been completed...
Myself as chief engineer of the program, would like to t h a n k t h e e n t i r e t e a m for their efforts, on behalf of - above all -
the BLUE Danube
According to the global statistical data this achievment may be considered extraordinary
There are thousands of 'registered supporters' of the plant from the public.
Some photos on the ÉlőDuna (Living Danube) project to illustrate its size and complexity:
PR action: a huge artificial aquarium in front of the Parliament, showing the recovering fauna of the Danube
The Central Building of the
treatment plant
The renewed Buda wharf incorporating the 6 km long Main Collector
Somlai Gyula architect-engineer

The views of the completed treatment plant
Basic data of the project
Special tributes merit those who couldn’t live the inauguration, first of all double Olympic champion Mr. Kolonics György the famous canoe-athlete of the Danube. He was the PR-face of the project.
Kolonics György at a PR event with schoolchildren
ÉlőDuna Project elements
Central Waste Water Treatment Plant
Contract value: 249 M EUR
Technical data: 1.4 M PE; 350 000 m3/day biological
activated sludge treatment technology with
lamellar presedimentation
29 ha total area
Ferencváros Pumping Station
Contract value (3 pumping stations together):
15 M EUR
Technical data: 173 000 m3/day capacity
Kelenföld Pumping Station
Contract value (3 pumping stations together):
15 M EUR
Technical data: 127 000 m3/day capacity
Albertfalva Pumping Station
Contract value (3 pumping stations together): 15 M EUR
Technical data: 12 000 m3/day capacity
River Crossing under main branch of River Danube
Contract value (2 crossings together): 12 M EUR
Technical data: ND 1400mm, length 500m
River crossing under Soroksari Danube branch
Contract value: 12 M EUR
Technical data: ND 1400mm, length 300m
Buda Main Collector
Contract value: 35 M EUR
Technical data: total length 6.9 km, ND 1200-2400mm
Flood protection for WTP
Contract value: 1.1 M EUR
Technical data: 8m wide, 1610m long
flood protection dam
Access Road
Contract value: 4.5 M EUR
technical data: 350m long,
2x1 ane road underpass & railway bridge
Project goal:
Collection and biological treatment of all waste waters in Budapest in order to protect the Danube River basin
Budapest waste water treatment
Year 2006:
no treatment 51%,
mechanical treatment 10%,
biological treatment 15%
Year 2010:
no treatment 1%
mechanical treatment 4%
biological treatment 95%
Total CAPEX EUR 491 M
Eligible CAPEX EUR 429 M
Support rates:
EU 65%
HU state 20%
Budapest Municipality 15%
Dec 2004 Cohesion Fund resolution
Dec 2005 DBO Contract of WTP signed
Aug 2009 start of 1 year commissioning
Aug 2010 takeover, start of operations
I am Gyula Somlai, a senior architect-engineer. As a project manager, I successfully realized several large scale projects during my long professional career in Hungary and abroad. My latest big challenge has been the Budapest Central Waste Water Treatment Plant project.

Prezentációmmal fel akarom hívni a figyelmet e létesítményre, amely a magyar közélet rendkívüli turbulenciái miatt méltánytalanul szorult ki a közérdeklődés fókuszából.
E téma természetesen szoros kapcsolatban áll mind az ország versenyképességével, mind pedig felzárkózási törekvéseivel.

A tárgyra térve:
The goal of this presentation
is to make some due publicity for the success of this grand project because even though this new facility brings a substantial drive to the competitiveness of both the city of Budapest and the country itself, it has been overshadowed by the recent turbulent political situation in Hungary. It was through this development that...
My name is Gyula Somlai, I am a senior
As project manager, I successfully implemented
several large scale projects throughout my long
professional career in Hungary and abroad.
My latest grand challenge was the
Budapest Central Waste Water Treatment Plant project.
00 thousand m
sewage per day,
more than half of the total quantity,
was being dumped into the river
without any kind of treatment
for long long time.

Tribute to a project
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