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No description

thames thames

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Sharks

You need to have one because:
The shark can teach you swim it saves you in the sea or water. For kids it can be your life guard. You don't need to feed him and if you live next to sea you just take it to the sea and it will solve all his problems. YOU NEED TO HAVE A SHARK!
Shark skin like swinging suit

Speedo's Fastskin line (including the banned-as-of-2009 LZR suit) of high-tech, high-performance swimsuits were inspired by the skin of a shark--shark skin's sandpaper-like texture is thought to reduce drag, hence its usefulness in swimming gear. But an ichthyologist at Harvard performed a study and found that Fastskin is "nothing like shark skin at all," and that its surface properties do not reduce drag one bit.
Shark skin, as well as the skin of related fish like rays and chimaeras, is covered with dermal denticles, almost like little teeth. George Lauder, a professor of ichthyology at Harvard, performed experiments to analyze the purpose of these dermal denticles, and tested the Speedo suits as well, to see how similar they are.
it was banned because:
it created un unauthorized advantage for those swimmers who wore these suit.
about the shark skin swiming suit
Michel Phelops and the american swiming team.
Thank you!
shark skin
a photo of the shark skin swiming suit
who and when made it.
It was invented by scientists for speedo sports company in 2008.
sharkskin is made up of countless overlapping scales called dermal denticles (or "little skin teeth"). The denticles have grooves running down their length in alignment with water flow. These grooves disrupt the formation of eddies, or turbulent swirls of slower water, making the water pass by faster. The rough shape also discourages parasitic growth such as algae and barnacles.

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