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prezi resume

amy blew

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of prezume

B.A. School of Communications Education Penn State University Writing Copywriting Psychology Sociology Market Research Advertising Dean's List Kappa Tau Alpha Honors Society Ongoing Education Designing Complex Applications and Websites 1, 2 &3
Application Usability 1 & 2 Usability Week 2011 Information Architecture and Navigation Design
User Research Six Sigma Green Belt Training analyst designer researcher Innovation 7 Invention Disclosures 2 Patent Applications Pending Confirm with usability and user testing Evaluate the workflow Designing product enhancements Create UI mockups Discover the problem One method... observe users (in this case nurses in a hospital) This is my scrum team Brainstorm solutions My desk covered in sticky note affinity groups Sorry I can't put detailed mockups here... they are confidential It starts and ends with users... **this was created using Balsamiq ** this is me during a brainstorming session. A few other work samples Other creative outlets Performance Reviews Two dimensional design Market Research Analyst Business Analyst Specification Developer "... a pleasure to recommend..." "... frequently discovered and reported on subtle changes in trend data which might have escaped a less observant analyst." "... consistently exceeded expectations..." "... strong verbal skills..." "... writing skills are exceptional..." "... can clearly communicate about the scope of a project..." "... excellent proof-reader..." "... quickly learn(s) new products/concepts..." "... takes a lot of pride in her work... consistently produces quality requirements... an innate characteristic not to settle for mediocrity." "... well respected in the company...earned the respect of her peers..." Simple visual explanations used for internal training Problem Researching the user and their environment Designing solutions that will solve the problem Analyzing the business needs and determining the scope of the work What users say they do What you observe them doing What there is evidence of them doing (when nobody is looking) Researcher Analyst Designer ...from my bookshelf "Hi, I'm Amy and I will be your guide through this prezi. I hope you enjoy it and I hope by the end you feel like you know me a bit better." "Let's start with..." "Education is great, but how have I put this knowledge into practice?
For the past 6 years I have been defining solutions for technology products used in the healthcare industry." "I think I've done a pretty good job. But don't just take my word for it. Here's some excerpts from my past job reviews." "I really like doing Visio diagrams even though I am super picky about how my boxes and arrows line up." "At my current position, there is a patent program where you can submit your ideas for patents." "Sometimes I like to hand draw, sometimes I do quick mockups in Balsamiq or Visio." "This was my first attempt at watercolor painting. I took a workshop from our favorite Bermudian painter a while back and painted this palm tree." "I love photography... and interesting architectual accents. We have many photographs of rooflines, doorways and accent trim. I like decorating our home with photos we have taken. We also like making home movies with iMovie to capture each trip." "Let's finish up by summarizing my three key skills and adding a bit of humor." "Every home renovation project starts with sketches, plan diagrams, internet searches, and magazine browsing. I iterate on my designs until everything just feels right." "That's all I have for you now. I hope you enjoyed it. Come back again soon." The End Prezume by Amy Blew "My dad is a mechanic and world-class handy guy. Growing up I loved being his helper. My mom is a master of all things domestic who loves to share her skills (and recipes). My CMU smarty pants brother designed and built a house the summer after I graduated college so I spent the summer swinging a hammer. Here's some of the skills that I picked up along the way."
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