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Prezi About Myself

No description

Matthew Ortega

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Prezi About Myself

My Life Matthew Ortega Born on April 18, 1993 El Paso, TX Raised by single parent Ysleta Pre-K I attended school at.. Sageland Elementary Ranchland Hills Middle Class of 2011 Bel Air High School But now I currently attend Valle Verde Majoring in Architecture But in my spare time I enjoy... Basketball Video Games Fishing Spending Time With Family Hanging out with "The Crew" Now a little more about me... My favorite colors are Red and Black
(if you couldn't already tell) I enjoy listening to Rap, Rock,
Dubstep, and Alternative I'm a HUGE Miami Heat Fan! I have traveled to... San Antonio Dallas San Diego Los Angeles Austin Some of My Goals... Maintain a High G.P.A.
Currently (3.61) Get accepted into Texas Tech Gain my Masters Degree Become one of the youngest registered
Architects in America And open my own Architecture Firm But my main objective and goal in life... The End Switchfoot - This Is Your Life This Is Your Life
Are You Who You want To Be?
This Is Your Life
Is It Everything You Dreamed That It Would Be
When The World Was Younger
And You Had Everything To Lose
You Had Everything To Lose
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