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Role-Plays: Refusal and Negotiation Skills

Day 9: Module 8

Heather Tingley

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Role-Plays: Refusal and Negotiation Skills

Role-Plays Refusal and Negotiation Skills I feel that waiting is the best choice.
I’m not ready to have a baby, yet.
I feel intimate and close with you already. We don’t have to have sex.
I feel like you don’t really care about me when you pressure me like this.
I would feel a lot better if we waited. Refusal Skills – Chart #2
TALK IT OUT – DISCUSS YOUR FEELINGS I’m not ready for sexual intercourse.
Thanks for understanding my need to wait. I feel like you really love me.
I’m glad you agreed to not have sex. I feel like you really care about me.
If you can’t respect my feelings, then I’m prepared to end this relationship. Refusal Skills – Chart #2
TALK IT OUT – DISCUSS YOUR FEELINGS I want to finish school before I start having sex. I want to stay a virgin, for now. I’m not ready for sex, yet.
I respect myself and want to protect myself by not having sex.
Reaching my future goals is more important than having sex. Refusal Skills – Chart #3
OFFER EXPLANATIONS – GIVE REASONS WHY I want to avoid unplanned teen pregnancy, STDs and HIV.
I have my whole life to experience sex. I’m too young right now.
I am not ready to be a parent, yet. Refusal Skills – Chart #3
OFFER EXPLANATIONS – GIVE REASONS WHY Let’s go to the movies or play a video game instead.
Let’s go to a friend’s house.
We could go out to eat.
I would rather do other things than have sex. Refusal Skills – Chart #4
PROVIDE ALTERNATIVES – SUGGEST SOMETHING ELSE It’s a beautiful day; let’s go outside for a walk instead.
Let’s hug, talk, and kiss, but not have sex.
Let’s check out a movie on cable.
I’m really thirsty; can we get something to drink. Refusal Skills – Chart #4
some role-plays! S.T.O.P Technique Practice Partner Role Playing
Activity B Enhancing S.T.O.P. Role-playing is a technique that can help you learn what it feels like to be someone else or to practice how to handle a situation that is new, difficult, or in some way stressful. What is a Role-Play? You should do your best to feel, sound, and behave like the person whose role you are playing.
You are trying to behave in a way that will help you and everyone else learn. Role-Playing Read your role carefully and think about how that person would really behave.
Do your best to stay in the role through the entire role-play.
Really try to feel and act like the person you are playing.
Don’t let comments and laughter distract you.
Try things that you might not do, just to see how it feels. Role-Play Guidelines Let’s review… Talking to your partner about abstinence… Sort out your own feelings
Think about what you want to say
Choose a time to talk
Decide how you want to start the conversation Talk to your partner… Only 100% certain way to protect against unplanned pregnancy, STD, and HIV
Respect: A caring partner should respect your decision, and you too.
Abstaining from sex = A proud and responsible decision! Abstinence Learning Objectives Learn how to negotiate abstinence in romantic relationships.
Point out and explain the different ways to say "no" effectively.
Express and describe the body language needed for saying "NO" effectively,
Demonstrate the ability to negotiate abstinence with a partner.
Express pride in sticking to your decision to abstain from risky sexual behaviors.
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