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Pennsylvania Legislative Branch

No description

M Forrest

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Pennsylvania Legislative Branch

Pennsylvania Legislative Branch
Structure Of The Branch
It was a Unicameral system until 1790
Unicameral means 1 house in the legislative branch.
It became a Bicameral system
Bicameral means 2 houses in the legislative branch.
The senate has 50 members and the House of Representatives has 203 members for a total of 253 members in the legislature
Leadership in the Legislative Branch
People of Importance
President: Mike Stack
President Pro Tempore: Joseph B Scarnati the 3rd
Majority Floor Leader (R): Jake Corman
Minority Floor Leader (D): Jay Costa
Speaker of the House: Mike Turzai
Majority Floor Leader (R): Dave Reed
Minority Floor Leader (D): Frank Dermondy
Issues of Importance
Geographic Information
Municipality - Representative (House District) - Senator (Senate District)
Aleppo - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Bell Acres - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Edgeworth - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Glenfield - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Glen Osborne - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Haysville - Mark Mustion (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Leetsdale - Robert F. Matzie (16) - Matt Smith (37)
Leet - Robert F. Matzie (16) - Matt Smith (37)
Sewickley - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Sewickley Heights - Mark Mustio (44) - Matt Smith (37)
Sewickley Hills - Mark Mustion (44) - Matt Smith (37)
How citizens have an influence
Bibliography cont.
Citizens have a large influence in the Pennsylvania Legislative Branch. The citizens have the right to vote for the representatives in the House and the Senators in the Senate. Also, citizens can help to write bills by making a call, writing a letter, or signing a petition to send to their Senator, any other legislator, or the Governor. A citizen can play a role in how a law is created.
< Map of PA Senate Districts
Let's have medical marijuana!
Criminals are
Daryl Metcalfe
Mike Folmer
The Pennsylvania’s General Assembly
Bicameral legislature
upper house: Senate - 50 members
house of representatives - 203 members.
Currently the Republican Party is in the majority in both houses
All representative have offices in Harrisburg, and in their district.
For example: our representatives, Sen. Matt Smith (D) and Rep. Mark Mustio (R) have offices in Moon Township on Beaver Grade Road in addition to their offices in Harrisburg.

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