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Leader Dashboards Walk Through

Course Hero

Ellen Araujo

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Leader Dashboards Walk Through

Leader Dashboard Map
This is where you can view how you are doing individually (books donated and documents needed to donate your next week).
Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can stay up to date with great articles, success stories and how the Knowledge Drive is supporting Books for Africa.
This is where you can read about how other student leaders have found success. Our Blog is full of great information that student leaders have shared regarding their experiences with their internship.
Once you set up your Paypal account, enter the email address here and click the update Paypal email button.
This is where you can check out how much compensation you are making for your current pay period, and over the course of your internship.
This is your unique leader dashboard. On this page you can see key stats for your team (documents uploaded, documents accepted, course packs completed, and subscriptions purchased).
This is your dashboard overview.
Your group members
will each have their
Member Details
Course Details
If you put your cursor over
a part of the graph, you can see your weekly performance and activity.

This is where you can track your group and see their productivity. By continuing to add group members, you can diversify the great content that is uploaded.

Here you can see when a group member has purchased a subscription for the first time. You will earn $10 for each new subscriber.
This is where you can see the course packs that your team has completed and is still working on.
A course that has been paid for will be marked with a grey dollar sign.
The green box shows the course pack is completed.
Click on the number to the left of the colored square to see who has uploaded to your Course Packs.
Documents that have been accepted to course will have a "yes" in this column, and documents that are accepted regular, ex. syllabi, will have a "no".
This tab shows you who is in your group.
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