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health issue in america

No description

shaikilia coleman

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of health issue in america

Health issue with gangs in American Society
By Shaikilia Coleman
what is the underlying issue causing these health issue.
There has been many health issue in the community such as,involving gangs,Prisons and jails
Community VS Public health
Not enough resources
People cant get to the
People in the community don't want to take the help
feel that the resources are against them(fear of being denied)
what we can do to resolve the underlying issue.
providing programs for gang member who have given up there gang life.Exampled of this would be creating Non -Profit programs that effectively assist former gang members.

Work Programs
Weekly Meetings
Community forgiveness
Remodel homes
how these programs impact the community
the Non-Profit programs would enforce suitability and reinsurance towards the community.Futhermore a numerous amount of gang members that come out of jail and or prisons,don't receive the proper health treatment they would if they were out on the streets.This is caused by the person refusing service or they just don't have the money to get the services, so in which the individuals goes on with there life carrying decises and other infections, that can be transmitted to others.
Ritter, N., Simon, T., & Mahendra, R. (2013, December 1). Changing Course: Keeping Kids Out of Gangs. Retrieved November 19, 2015, from http://nij.gov/journals/273/pages/preventing-gang-membership.aspx
stated from by Nancy Ritter, Thomas R. Simon and Reshma R. Mahendra "Public health and public safety workers who respond to gang problems know that after-the-fact responses are not sufficient. An emergency department doctor who treats gang-related gunshot wounds and a law enforcement officer who must tell a mother that her son has been killed in a drive-by shooting are both likely to stress the need for prevention — and the complementary roles that public health and law enforcement must play — in stopping violence before it starts."
resources with requirements(only take certain amount of people)
list(program require a waiting list to be accepted)
Cut off period(you may be only allowed to use resources for only a certain amount of time)
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