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No description

Kimloan Nguyen

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of GossipGirl

Welcome Welcome #GGFashionFinale Rollout #WhoisGossipGirl #WhoisGossipGirl Rollout #problemstatement #criticalfactors #additionalcomments #questions? Brittney Nicole Kaylee Krystal Courtney Due to the advent of new technology such as online viewing, the CW network’s program “GG” has lost live television viewers and the resulting TV advertising dollars.

The network must implement an innovative, non-traditional campaign to bring back live-viewing audiences and thus increase their ad revenue. Cons Pros Kimloan 1. Low network ratings 7. Going viral needs sharability and entertainment value Manhattan's Elite: 2. Target audience: girls 18-24, also heaviest consumers of social media 3. Current target primarily watches TV via internet 4. GG number one show with girls 12-17 5. Live viewing decreasing due to online websites 6. Fashion and technology important to viewers Target: 18-24 year-old Females
Incentive based
Continuous and flighted tactics
GG Fashion Week After Party
GG Blog
Live Online Streaming
Weekly Facebook Polls
Instagram Watch Party Contest
Pintrest Contest 8. Going viral does not drive behavior 9. Promote traditional media via non-traditional media
10. Fourteen weeks until final season premiere 11. Time slot competes with two shows with the same target 12. High-end brands want to collaborate with “GG” 13. Experiential marketing drives consumers to act #conclusion Cons Pros Inconvenient time slot Doesn't target under 18 year-olds Does not attempt to attract new viewers Heavy focus on fashion Reaches those without TVs Chosen platforms reach an older demographic Incentive-based tactics are one of the most effective ways to engage the target. Experiential marketing drives tech-savvy consumers to act. #GGFashionFinale Sept.8 July.1 Oct.8 Oct.15 July.1 Oct.8 Sept.24 Oct.1 Pitch to media Ad dollars toward traditional media Bundling package Partner with PR Hollywood Cross promotion with fashion brand Futile to acquire new viewers No control over plot Not all elements of this campaign directly incentivize live viewing. Not low budget Target: 18 to 24 year old girls + teens 12-17 year old.
Low budget with emphasis on Internet marketing & rollover ads
Internet Marketing
Interactive Social Media
Facebook and Twitter
Teaser Videos
Rollover Ads
Adjustment of CW website Expanded Target Uncertainty of GG's reveal Non- traditional encourages awareness, not action Relies on current fans Parental Ethics Concern Teaser Videos = High Viral Potential Promotes live viewing
Word of mouth
Larger audience
Low budget
Viral potential
Experiential marketing
More advertising revenue Using the CW app for code contest Teen Fan base acknowledged Relevant to storyline Live streaming is easily measured Entertaining and sharable Twitter for Teens Teens Resources Inexpensive to implement
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