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Misha Collins

MIsha Collins is the antichrist. You can not tell us otherwise

Jessica Winchester

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Misha Collins

Misha Collins
The Antichrist
Supernatural actor,Misha Collins may be the Antichrist. We have found piles of compelling evidence supporting our theory. And we are not alone, Westboro Baptist Church concures wholeheartedly with our statement.
Misha Collins
Misha has become quite famous in the last few years, due to his role as an angel on the television show Supernatural. His fan base has been shown recently calling him the "Overlord" as well as calling themselves his minions.
The invasion
So is the antichrist. Misha has also been seen making "jokes" or calling him self God.
Misha is a "Charming Guy"
Misha was originally supposed to play a demon, hm,wonder why THAT didn't work out... he was also only supposed to be in the series for six episodes, but remained for six seasons instead. Seems suspicious. He also ended up playing the roll of God on the show in season eight. this is very strange.
His Acting Carrer...?
Just Misha
Misha's fans have always been known for being a bit odd, for example one fan said on tumblr
"Misha Collins is a precious little bumble bee with a heart of gold and beautiful thighs."
Why are they so obsessed with his thighs? Why do they compare him to a bumble bee?
The only logical explanation is that he is in fact the antichrist.
"A nice guy"
Misha Collins may appear as a nice guy but in reality it is all an act. You may know that Misha has a charity called "Random Acts" though this might not seem alarming, if you take time to look at the logo,the letter 'm' is red. Just like the devil. Also the halo, above the 'm' is tilted to the right, symbolizing a fallen angel. LIKE
This one doesn't even need a title. It is quite obvious the conclusion we are coming to. Misha Collins has all the characteristics of the described antichrist in the bible. Please be careful around him. His influence is powerful and he can pull you in with the slightest glance of his too- blue eyes.
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