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Date Quality for e-Commerce


Jan Erik Ingvaldsen

on 30 June 2009

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Transcript of Date Quality for e-Commerce

Data Quality
e-Commerce From multiple point of sale
to Multichannel Marketing Fraud Detection Easy checkout/
Online registration Your customer data comes from several sources: Many retailers have multiple brands and shops, the customer data is stored seperately for each brand. Next step Multichannel Marketing? The challenge: The solution: 1.Same points of sale/customer input 2. Automated:
Data Matching
Data Enrichment
CRM Search
Fraud Detection
Sanction List Comparision
3. Master Database:
One Customer Record with link to related brands, instead of individual customer record for each brands
Analyze customer relations between brands
Crossell between brands

4. Next step Multichannel Marketing! The challenge: Surveys show the customers wants easier checkout
not log-in
not lot of stars to fill in e-Commerce is international.
Online registration reflect local laws and behavior The solution: 1. The customers have to put in minimal information: Example Sweden:
Only Personal Number Example Norway:
Name and Birthdate note:
using personal number might be illegal and a conversion rate killer in Denmark and Norway.
Still some Swedish shops use it. 2. Information is automatically filled in:
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