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Presentation for Year 9/10 Health

Allistair Williamson

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of Contraception

Contraception Barriers What is contraception? Long Acting Reversible Introduction to Contraception Remember... Learning objectives...
Learn about the various forms of contraception
Be able to explain three (3) different forms of contraceptives
Seen a condom demonstration Reasons for using contraception? Contraception is the use various devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent conception, impregnation, or sexually transmitted infections (STI's) Types of Contraception: * Long acting reversible contraception
* Contraceptive pills
* Barriers
* Emergency contraception
* Permanent contraception Question Time 1. List all the contraceptives you can think of
2. Which is the best form of contraception?
3. What are the least effective contraceptive
methods? IUD Intra-uterine device Small plastic, copper devise placed inside uterus by a doctor Stops the sperm reaching the egg
* Affects sperm mobility & effects
endometrial lining. Can remain in place for up to five (5) years Side effects Weight gain Cramping Heavy bleeding Depo-provera
Injection Injection of progesterone Administered every 12 weeks Prevents ovulation - no egg released during menstrual cycle Is 99% effective Can take between 6 months - 2 years to regain fertility Side effects Mood changes Headaches Weight gain/loss Implant Small plastic rod containing the hormone progesterone Done under general anaesthetic by your GP 99.896% effective Thickens the mucus of the cervix, making it harder for the sperm to travel to the egg Thins the lining of the uterus so it's hard for
an egg to embed itself Side Effects Prolonged vaginal bleeding Mood changes Headaches Male Condom Latex or polyurethane sheath Fits over the males penis Come in different thicknesses Ribbed condoms are textured with ribs or bumps, which can increase sensation for both partners Main Points... 98% effective Need to be stored correctly Be careful when opening Easy to access - Family Planning Female Condom Condom needs to be inserted prior to use Can only be used once Diaphragm Dome shaped rubber barrier over the cervix Has to be put in several hours before intercourse Your doctor needs to fit it for the first time - size Must be kept in place for six (6) hours after intercourse Must be washed after each use and placed back in its case Should replace it every two (2) years Pills 'The Pill' 2 types: Combined oral Progestrogen Stops the egg from being released from the ovary Thickens the mucus of the cervix Main points Must remember to take the pill each day - at the same time Using the pill alone will not protect against STI's Must refrain from sex if a pill is missed, or if there is diarrhea or vomitting Never share pills Emergency
Contraceptive Pill 'Morning After Pill' Licenced for use for up to 107-120 hours after unprotected sex Delays ovulation or prevents sperm from reaching egg Do not use as a main form of contraception Main side effects include: Nausea, disruption of menstrual cycle, fatigue No-one ever got pregnant saying no. Withdrawal methods are risky Relationships do not require sexual activity/intercourse Always discuss contraception before engaging in any sexual activity Permanent Irreversible Vascectomy Tubal Ligation Form of permanent birth control for a male Involves severing the vas deferens Can be reversible - tube is tied Done under general anaesthetic Similar to male vascetomy Fallopian tubes are clamped and blocked Can be made reversible Prevents egg from reaching the uterus
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