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Gel Finger and Toe Nails

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Sabrina S

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Gel Finger and Toe Nails

By: Sabrina Sergeant and Morgan Stewart Gel Finger and Toe Nails Gel nails cost approximately $55 for French tipped nails, approximately $65 for glitter gel nails. You can also nail art or rhinestones for $1 up.
However, it cost to get your nails filled once they start to grow out for approximately $50 or to get them removed for between $15 and $35. Cost of Service Finger nails grow approximately three millimeters in a month, suggesting in about two to three months the cuticle grows to the tip of the nail. Toe nails, on the other hand, can take up to a year and a half to grow from cuticle to tip.
With the growing of your nails, your gel nails also grow out resulting in a need for a filler treatment every two to three weeks for finger nails or removal treatment of the gel nails. Gel toenails can last many months without needing a filling or removal treatment. Treatments Needed The Materials needed to provide this service include, but are not limited to, the product, brushes to apply the product, and a UV light to dry the product. Materials Commonly only nail technicians and Esthetician perform this service. In some case hair stylists have taken extra course and thus can perform this service also. Who Can Perform this Service Positive effects include :
Covering broken, split or poor nails,
Reducing bad habits such as nail biting,
Gel Nails don’t cause problems normally!

Negative effects include:
Problems if worn for a long period of time. They can cause damage to nail beds and natural growth.
Most common problem is found between the real nail and the false nail...bacterial infection. Caused by using the dirty tools in the salon or if the false nails are not put on properly. Effects Of Gel Nails
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