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Balanced Literacy Overview

New Educator Orientation - 2013

Angela Stewart

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Balanced Literacy Overview

August 2013
Elementary Language Arts Department

Reaching New Heights
with Balanced Literacy

Elementary Language Arts Department
Committed to developing independent, strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.
BALANCED LITERACY is an organizational framework which allows teachers to cultivate the skills and strategies of reading, writing, thinking, speaking, and listening for all students.
“Children, just like adults, learn better in a supportive environment in which they can risk trying out new strategies and stretch themselves intellectually.”

Peter Johnston
Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children’s Learning
Creating a Community of Learners
Builds communication and collaboration
Values contributions from community members
Establishes high expectations and supports members in attaining their goals
Encourages risk-taking
Celebrates accomplishments
A Supportive Learning Community
“Reading is more than basic decoding competency. It has the potential to nourish the intellect, the emotions, and the spirit.”
Fountas & Pinnell
Reading Workshop


Shared Reading
The teacher and students share in the reading of a common text. Group interactions enable students to learn from one another and help to expand thinking to a higher level. Students gain new skills and strategies to practice during guided and independent reading.

Teach/Model Practice/Apply Reflection/Sharing
Guided Reading
Teachers observe, teach, and support students with their reading development by guiding and directing them through the text. Instruction within guided reading changes as students become more proficient with reading strategies and skills at each stage of development.

Before Reading During Reading After Reading
Engage students of all reading levels in meaningful literacy experiences
Provide opportunities to practice and apply strategies and skills learned during shared and guided reading
To integrate learning from all components of Balanced Literacy
Literacy Stations
Student anthology
Read aloud anthology
Big books
Leveled books
Variety of literature
Leveled books
Comprehension keys
Resources to Support Reading Workshop
Words Workshop
Writing Workshop
“Human beings write to communicate, plan, petition, remember, announce, list, imagine . . . But above all, we write to hold our lives in our hands and make something of them.”
Lucy Calkins
Writing Workshop
Individual and Collaborative
Writing as a Craft
Different Paces
Talking about Writing
Time for Writing
Student Choice
The Writing Workshop
Ideas- heart of the message
Organization- internal structure
Voice- soul of the piece; personal tone
Word Choice- rich, colorful, precise language
Sentence Fluency- flow of the language
Conventions- mechanical correctness
+1 Presentation- overall appearance of the work

“Use all the traits, in all the grades, all the time.”
Ruth Culham
Common Language-Traits
6+1 Trait Crates
6 picture books
Teaching Guides
Professional Book
6 + 1 Traits of Writing – Ruth Culham
Carson-Dellosa Mini-Lesson Books
Treasures writing lessons
Resources to Support Writing Workshop
“Language is beautiful, alive, wondrous, and studying the craft of it in use
will remind you of this again and again.”
Katie Wood Ray
Wondrous Words
Words Workshop

There is a developmental progression in learning.

alphabet/sound pattern meaning
The Basis of Word Study
Word Wall (K-2)
Set of word cards per grade level
Word Study (K-5)
Words Their Way: Word Study In Action
Teacher Resource Guide
The Big Book of Rhymes (K-2)
Resources to support Words Workshop
Standards of Learning
Pacing Guides
Curriculum Framework
Instructional Models for Literacy
Daily & Weekly Lesson Plan Templates
Bridging Curriculum & Resources
Balanced Literacy Planning Resource Guide
Reaching New Heights with Balanced Literacy
CCPS Portal
Curriculum Planning Resources
Johanna Burks
Elementary Language Arts Specialist
Debi Melland
Early Childhood and Curriculum Specialist
Tami Slater
Elementary Language Arts Teacher Consultant
Angela Stewart
Elementary Literacy Coach
Your Partners in Literacy
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