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"Tangerine" Analytical Essay

No description

Isaac Corral

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of "Tangerine" Analytical Essay

The Last Significant Choice Erik Made Was To Steal Items From Houses With A Gas Mask.
This affects Paul because people will think he is a bad person, because his brother is a theif (279-280).
Why Does This Affect Paul O.o ??
Had Erik make different choices like, not bully Tino, not spraying Paul's Eyes with spray paint and not stealing items that are not his, Paul would be affected differently. Paul would have a good relationship with Erik. It can be determined that Erik is a bad person, from his actions/choices. It affected the plot by making more interesting. Erik's choices had the most impact on Paul's life, self-concept and relationship with others.
Overall, Paul Was Affected In His Life, Self-Concept And Relationship With Others.
The Second Significant Choice Erik Made Was To Spray paint Paul's eyes.
and Erik told Paul that Vincent does not like being told on him. Then Erik and Vincent spray painted Pauls Eyes (263-264).
Paul Told On Vincent Castor To His Teacher,
The First Significant Choice Made By Erik Was To Bully Tino.
Because he stood up to Erik. Paul sees someone stand to Erik which gives him courage to stand up to Erik later in the novel (204-205).
Erik Slapped Tino,
Do Choices Others Make Impact Our Lives?
The choices Erik makes, affect Paul's Self Concept, life and relationships with others. Choices and consequence play a huge part in this novel.
In the novel "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor,
This impacts Paul's relationship with others because others because other people will think he is also bad like Erik.
How Does This Impact Paul?
That affects Paul because now he is legally blind. This impacts Paul's life because he will be legally blind for the rest of his life.
Why This Affects/Impacts Paul
This impacts Paul's Self-concept, because he is building up courage.
Why This Impacts Paul
An example is when Erik Sprays Paul's Eyes, and Erik gets in trouble. Erik's choices most impact Paul's life, and self concept.
"Tangerine" Analytical Essay
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