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The One and Only Ivan

No description

Sandra Juson

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan
By: Katherine Applegate
Presented by:
Jocelyn Mancia and Sandra Juson

Main Characters
Ivan, Stella, and Bob are three best friends .
Other Characters
Mack: The man that runs the Mall franchise.

George: The janitor that forms a special bond with Stella.

Julia: Daughter of George who enjoys drawing. She supplies paper and drawing utensils to Ivan. She is the person who encourages his artistic being.

Ruby: The baby elephant that is introduced in the middle of the story. She grows a special relationship with Stella.

plot and setting
point of views
-Consistent towards the targeted audience (ages 7-10, primary to middle ages)
Short chapters
Large font
-Audience can relate to the characters
-Illustrations relate to the tone of the story

-Resonated with the emotional side of the story and enjoyed the humor of the book
Significance of the Book
Who's your favorite character?
-Ivan the Gorilla
-Stella the elephant
-Bob the dog
-Mack the owner
-George the janitor or his daughter
-Ruby the baby elephant
Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade

A group of animals including Ivan– the gorilla– are caged animals that are forced to perform to help the business stay open. Each character tells their story of how they ended up in their current home and the fear that they face of dying there. Through their stories, the treatment of human captivity is emphasized.
plot and setting
-He is the protagonist of the story.
-Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
-His family was split apart.
-Twin sister named Tag.
-Artistic, compassionate, loyal, and observant.

Stella dies because of all the harsh treatment she endured her entire life under captivity.
Ivan and Ruby are brought to the zoo for better shelter treatment, since they deserve a better life.
Julia has to walk more dogs in order to earn money in raising Bob.
Ivan does find another gorilla he is smitten for.

-An elephant originally from Africa.
-She was sold into a circus that enforced physical punishment in order for her to collaborate.
-However, Mack saved and sheltered her at the same domain as Ivan.
-Storyteller and never forgets the past.
-Does small tricks with snickers at the Mall.
-The only soul survivor after being tossed on the freeway with his siblings, when they were just a few weeks old.
-Found Ivan's domain which ignited a friendship between the two.
-Is compared to a squirrel.
Julia and Ruby with Stella
-Loved that Ruby, the newcomer, was able to give each character the hope for a new beginning.
They are wild animals who should not be caged.
Left to only feel comfort from each other, such as Bob towards Ivan, Ruby and Ivan towards Stella.
-Animal Abuse
Harsh training methods.
Less compassion shown from previous owners.
They support each other.

Author: Katherine Applegate (also wrote award-winning novel "Home of the Brave"
Newbery Awarded 2013
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