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A Streetcar Named Desire


Kawther Albloushi

on 25 April 2012

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Transcript of A Streetcar Named Desire

Main Characters
A Streetcar Named Desire
By Tennessee Williams
Kawther Albloushi
Tennessee Williams
... small
Born on March 26, 1911, from Mississippi.
wrote short stories, novels, poetry, essays, screenplays.
Won many Awards: [A Tony Award] for best play for The Rose Tattoo (1951) and the [Pulitzer Prize] for Drama for A Streetcar Named Desire (1948).
A glimpse of William's character can be found in Stanley's character in this play, and Blanche's character was based on his sister's.
Darkness and the paper lantern.
The Polka music.
Stanley: What all this stuff for?

Stella: Honey, It's Blanches birthday.

Stanley: She here?

Stella: In the bathroom.

Stanley: Set down here a minute.

Stella: Stanley, I've got things to do.

Stanley: Set down! I've got the dope on your big sister, Stella. I found out some things!

Stella: What--things?

Stanley: Things I already suspected. But now I got proof from the most reliable sources-- which I have checked on!

Stella: Now please tell me quietly what you think you've found out about my sister.

Stanley: Lie number one: All this squeamishness she puts on! You should just know the lies she's been feeding to Mitch. He thought she had never been more than kissed by a fellow! But sister Blanche is not lily! Ha-ha! Some lily she is!

Stella: what have you heard and who from?

Stanley: Our supply-man down at the plant has been going through Laurel for years and he knows all about her and everybody else in the town of Laurel knows all about her. She is as famous in Laurel as if she was the president of the United States, only she is not respected by any party! This supply-man stops at a hotel called the Flamingo.

Stella: What about the-- Flamingo?

Stanley: She stayed there, too
Stella: My sister lived at Belle Reve.

Stanley: This is after the home-place had slipped through her lilywhite fingers! She moved to the flamingo! A second-class hotel which has the advantage of not interfering in the private social life of the personalities there! The Flamingo is used to all kinds of goings-on. But even the management of the Flamingo was impressed by Dame Blanche! In fact they was so impressed by Dame Blanche that they requested her to turn in her room-key-- for permanently! This happened in a couple of weeks before she showed here..
Stella: What-- contemptible-- lies!

Stanley: Sure, I can see how you would be upset by this. She pulled the wool over your eyes as much as Mitch's!

Stella: It's pure invention! There is not a word of truth in it and if I were a man and this creature had dared to invent such things in my presence--

Stanley: Honey, I told you I thoroughly checked on these stories! now wait tell I finish. The trouble with Dame Blanche was that she couldn't put on her act anymore in Laurel! They got wised up after two of three dates with her and then they quit, and she goes on to another, the same old lie, same old act, same old hooey! But the town was too small for this to go on for ever! And as time went by she became a town character. Regarded as not just different but downright loco--nuts. [Stella draws back.] And for the last year or two she has been washed up like poison. That's why she's here this summer, visiting royalty, putting on all this act-- because she is practically told by the mayor to get out of the town! Yes, did you know there was an army camp near Laurel and your sister's was one of the places called "Out-of-bounds"?

Stella: I don't want to hear any more!

Stanley: She's not going back to teach school! In fact I am willing to bit you that she never has no idea of returning to Laurel! She didn't resign temporarily from the high school because of her nerves! No, sir, Bob! She didn't. They kicked her out of that high school before the spring term ended-- and I hate to tell you the reason that step was taken! A seventeen-year old boy-- she'd gotten mixed up with!

Stella: This is making me-- sick!

Stanley: The boy's dad learned about it and got in touch with the high school superintendent. Boy, oh, Boy, I'd like to have been in that office when Dame Blanche was called on the carpet! I'd like to have seen her trying to squirm out of that one! But they had her on the hook good and proper that time and she knew it was all up! They told her she better move on to some fresh territory. Yep, it was practically a town ordinance passed against her!

Stella: I don't believe all of those stories and I think your supply-man was mean and rotten to tell them. It's possible that some of the things he said are partly true, there are things about my sister I don't approve of--things that caused sorrow at home. she was always--flighty!

The End!
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