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Life on the Farm

A showcase of the many animals and their lives on a farm.

courtney hourigan

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm On the farm, there are many different animals. Most animals provide some type of help to the farm. Some animals just live on the farm. Cows Cows provide dairy products
and meat to the farmer. MOOOOO! Pigs Pigs provide meat to the farmer. OINKK!!! Horses Horses are very strong animals and can help
the farmer with work around the farm. NEIGHHH!!! Chickens Chickens produce eggs for the farmer and
can be sold for money BAWKK!!!! Donkeys and Mules Donkeys and mules help the farmer with work around the farm. HEE-HAW!!! Goats Goats give the farmer products such as goat cheese and goat milk. MAAAAHH!!!! Sheep Sheep provide wool for the
farmer to shear and sell BAHHH!!!! Cats Cats on a farm can help by
catching mice and other pests. MEOWW!!! Dogs On a farm certain types of dogs may have certain
jobs like herding sheep but for the most part,
dogs do the job of being mans best friend. WOOF WOOF!!
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