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No description

Chris Harte

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Feedforward

Learning done to... Feedforward Chris Harte
#feedforward Whole class direct instruction
Effect size of 0.81 Learning done with... inquiry teaching
effect size 0.32 Learning done by... design thinking/problem finding
effect size?
Skills, attributes & content 0.63
Cooperative learning 0.59 Feedback Effect size 0.81 Learning analytics ; learner to teacher -
google forms
q&a diagnosis
tutmtd Peer feedback,
set against clear success criteria and with critique protocols from teacher to learners - grades, comments, www Different
perspectives FEEDFORWARD KCABDEEF Critique
Helpful www/ebi tutmtd Feedback from internal learner voice.
Strategies for getting unstuck; C3B4 ME reflection on knowlege,
skills and attributes to help learners know where they are
to help learners see where they have been Knowledge, Skills and Attributes Why feedforward? To help learners see where they can go To help learners to move towards their goal Why feedback? clarity or jargon? Ron Berger learning analytics Learning is about making connections
The SOLO taxonomy helps us to measure this. We are all (at some point in learning...)
Pre structural
Extended abstract
SOLO Taxonomy goal setting
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