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No description

Amanda Su

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Synergize

A.D. 2013
Health Education Volunteer Program
The Beginning
Bayer and Schering merged in 2006.

The need for team building and cultural transmission.

Stakeholder Engagement
A.D. 2012
Going Hiking for Health & Social Needs
Cultural Building
Company promotes healthy workplace – Employees going hiking.

Support Social Needs
Company convert the steps into LIFE Angel sponsorship. (Dehwa elementary school for after school care).
Employee Development
Employee Core competence
Health professionalism

External Stakeholder Engagement
NGO *6
Business Partners*2

Internal Stakeholder Engagement
Employee development*35
Provide Social Needs
A.D. 2009
Health Center Renovation
A.D. 2010- 2011
STAR/LIFE Angel Plan

Team Building and CSR Spirit Cultivation
Co-op education authority to identify schools in need.
Employees were grouped into 15 teams to modify 15 health centers.

Incorporate team building and culture building into CSR commitment.
Bayer's Sustainability Strategy
CSR Volunteer Community
From Senior Citizens to School Children
Actively Support Business, Government Relationship Building
Talent Development
Designated leader by management team.
Empower employees from planning to completing their own projects.

Incorporate STAR/LIFE Behaviors
Highlight company core competency.
Company convert service hours into STAR Angel sponsorship.(Dehwa elementary school for after school care).

Present ~ Future

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