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Richard Cory TPCASTT

No description

Claire Horne

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Richard Cory TPCASTT

The title, "Richard Cory," symbolizes seemingly regular people who have a lot going on in the inside
How people look is not a good representation of who they really are.
Literary Device Applied?
In the beginning of the poem, Richard Cory seemed to be a happy, successful, and lively person, but on the inside he is none of those things.
At the beginning of the poem, the tone is calm, happy, and gentle. At the end of the poem, the tone is depressing and sad.
"Richard Cory"

Richard Cory TPCASTT
For most of the poem, there is a very positive connotation. For example:
But towards the end, the connotation becomes negative:
The poem is very happy in the first three stanzas, but there is a shift at the fourth stanza that changes the mood to depressing.
An extreme exaggeration of facts
At first glance the title seems to be just the character's name.
Examples from the Text?
"Imperially slim"
"Fluttered pulses"
"Glittered when he walked"
"Cursed the bread"
"Richer than a king"
Why does the poet use this term? What are they trying to say?
He wants to exaggerate to make Richard Cory seem as superior as possible. He is trying to express how amazing he seems.
By: Claire Horne, Abbigail Bandy, Fatimah Shabazz, Sara Smart, Brittany Webster
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