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The boy in the Striped pajamas

(Story plot)

Madeleine Roberts

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of The boy in the Striped pajamas

The story plot for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
In the beginning: Bruno is a 9-year-old boy growing up during World War II in Berlin, Germany. His dad, a Nazi officer, is given a promotion and because of this, they have to move to a house outside of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Bruno doesn’t know that he lives near a concentration camp, he doesn't even know what a concentration camp is. Bruno has to leave all his friends, and is lonely at his new home. He notices there are people outside wearing striped pajamas that turn out to be Jewish prisoners in the concentration camp. One day when Bruno is out exploring, he notices a boy on the other side of the fence. His name is Shmuel and he is a prisoner at the camp. They become friends and start meeting every day at the fence. Bruno's parents don't want him to even be around the people in the striped pajamas. But, even though Bruno isn’t supposed to be spending time with the Jews he does anyway, because he is bored and he doesn't have any friends. Bruno’s mother wants to go back to Berlin and Bruno is supposed to be going back too. However, he goes to meet Shmuel at the fence to say goodbye. Shmuel tells Bruno how his father is missing. So Bruno got dressed in an extra pair of striped pajamas that Shmuel got for him and goes under the fence to help him find his father. Then it starts to rain. They can’t find him and they get mixed up with a group of people who are being taken to the gas chamber, but don’t know that. Bruno thinks they are in a gas chamber to keep them dry from the rain. But, Bruno and Shmuel end up dying together in the gas chamber. None of Bruno’s family know that. Next: In the middle: In the end: Bruno’s family looks for him. His dad finally discovers the broken fence and Bruno’s clothes lying right outside of the fence. Then he figures out that Bruno must be dead. Project written and presented by: Madeleine Roberts

Book written by: John Boyne
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