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la masoin de la platypus

Le Moi

on 25 January 2011

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Transcript of s.s.

la maison de la platypus la maison de la platypus is french for the home of the platypus.one of the only egg laying mammals the provincial flower is the wild crayfish flower, platypus eat it the provincial animal is a platypus this is the flag it has a 5-star platypus conservation area witch all platypus hope to go some day. it is illigal to kill a platypus. the end eeek!!! hey some people say platypus are useless la masion de la platypus has many famous structers like the statue of platypus librity,the great wall of sushi and the reversing falls. platypus are awsome the prehistoric platypus lived at the same time as the dinasours so they got into fights this is the provincial coin the platypus won
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